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Youth for Peace
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since the global economic crisis there is reported growing support for far-right parties across Europe. Populism, intolerance, discrimination towards minorities, migrants, basically anyone who is perceived as different is rising. We believe that in order to create peace (peace not only as absence of war or social unrest) – to live in peace - to live in harmony with others everyone needs to develop certain social skills such as tolerance, respect for each other, compassion, self-esteem, forgiveness and reconciliation. Tolerance, respect, conflict prevention and reconciliation are in the focus of the youth exchange “Youth for Peace”. This project is bringing together 60 young participants from different countries and backgrounds (breakdown of Yugoslavia, post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, question of ethnic minorities in Macedonia and Roma population in Slovenia, question of immigrants in Austria) with different views, approaches and experiences to the addressed problem. The project will encourage dialogue and create a platform for sharing experiences but also new ideas and concepts. During the project the participants will gain new skills, learn with and from each other in order to consider diversity as an opportunity for mutual enrichment, to grow together to become more tolerant and respectful and to use the gained skills to prevent conflicts and be able to reconcile. Since there are only few similar initiatives and projects in the rural area with this project we would like to create a base for understanding and collaboration in communities, raise cultural awareness, encourage individuals to re-think diversity and encourage community to engage in similar initiatives or even set up new ones. With this project we are creating new networks and friendships and encourage participants to develop similar projects in their environment and share their knowledge in their communities. For the activities from September 14th to September 22nd we have developed a program, which enables participants an on-going personal development and growth. We will carry out several interactive, creative and participatory workshops focusing on tolerance, respect, conflict prevention and reconciliation. Activities are divided into four categories, describing the workflow and personal development of participants: - TEAMBUILDING: to feel comfortable with oneself and the group in order develop the capacity to work effectively together; - WORLD VIEW – STATE OF AFFAIRS: what is happening and why, discovering cultures and diversity, different views and approaches - PEACEBUILDING: conflict dynamics, political, economic and personal perspective; - ONE PERSON ACTING: What is my role? What can I do as an individual? Getting inspired by stories of the power of one. Most activities take place in Trofaiach, participants will also discover other parts of Austria – Friedensburg in Burgenland and Graz - the Human Rights City.


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