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Youth for Museums. Museums for Youth.
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Gdynia City Museum (MMG) and Museum aan de Stroom (MAS) are the cultural institutions developing the youth education, relationship and interaction with the audiences and involving young people into the their cultural activities. The main objective of the project “Youth for Museums. Museums for Youth” was to increase the competence and experience of the youth workers from MMG and MAS regarding educational methods and involving young volunteers into museum’s activities. The objective was achieved by the mobility project of youth workers from both institutions. The youth workers from MMG and MAS took part in two study visits with the elements of job-shadowing sessions. The aim of the study visits was the observation of the methods regarding youth education, exhange of experience and opinions, assessment of the educational offer and tools in both institutions. The project largely corresponds with the necessity of involving young volunteers into activities of Gdynia City Museum. The observation and job-shadowing sessions concerned the involvment of young volunteers into museum’s activities (in MAS) but also regular educational programme, worhshops and educational projects for youth (in MMG and MAS). Cooperation with youth volunteers is an important challenge for both institutions. From 2006 MAS is running it’s youth volunteer project - “MAS in Young Hands”. From the beginning the museum involved young volunteers into building the concept and the offer of MAS. In 2014 Gdynia City Museum opened its new Educational Centre - the space for educational activities and meeting place for young people. Introducing the youth volunteer project will be the next step in building the accessibility of Gdynia City Museum and involvment of the youth into cultural activities. Two youth workers from each institution took part in study visit in partner intitution. The first study visit took place in Gdynia City Museum, from 21st to 24th of September 2015.The second one took place in Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, from 19th to 11nd of October 2015. As a result the increase of the competence of the partnership institutions’ staff allows for the improvement and adaptation of educational and cultural offer to the expectations of the youth audience. It will result in development of the young audience of the cultural and educational offer and engaging the new audiences - local communities, children, youngsters and young people who want to engage into designing museum’s offer. Furthermore, Gdynia City Museum, basing on new knowledge and experience achieved in the project plans to start up youth volunteer project in the museum. The volunteer project will result in active involvement of the youth in museum’s activities. It will also let young people to acquire the experience in curator’s or educator’s work. We hope that the involvment of youth volunteers into museum’s work will result, as it was in Antwerp, in making the museum’s offer more atractive for young people. Working and discussing in the international team of experts and youth gave the possibility to find new inspirations and educational methods to use in MAS and MMG. We are sure that it results in the future cooperation on educational projects for the youth.



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