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Youth faceing the global challenges for sustainable and peaceful future
Date du début: 1 déc. 2009,

The seminar Youth facing global challenges for peaceful and sustainable future will happen from 8lh of February until 15th of February in Novi Sad, Serbia. The main theme of seminar is to build cooperation between youth organizations involved in environmental and peace issues, and raise awareness on sustainable lifestyle and environmental problems with accent on climate change and its influence on social justice and peace. Partners on this project are from Russia, Georgia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania and Island. HostirrgOrganization is Volunteers' Centre of Vojvodina from SerbiarT-otal-number of participants will be 32 including stuff members.Seminar will be consisted from methods that allow participants to get involved actively and to learn not only from lecturers but to exchange ideas and experiences between each other. The methods will be comprised of types of activities that will suite all the participants depending on their previous knowledge and interests. In seminar, we will combine lectures, workshops and work in small groups, discussions, and presentation of movies.



14 Participants partenaires