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Youth Empowerment In Social Field
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Iniciativa Internacional Joven develops most of its activities at the Sociocultural Centre El Consul (which we share with a neighborhood association and an elderly association), generating an intercultural and intergenerational atmosphere, very adequate and enriching for hosting foreign volunteers. Also, the close we are to the University of Malaga and other organizations working with youth, stimulating the learning process of our european volunteers.Our organization decided years ago to start hosting volunteers for several reasons, the main one is because we have a level of activity that needs the support of volunteers to be carried out with higher quality. About, especially European volunteers, We believe that they may give our young people a different view and alternative possibilities for young Europeans, as many of them have not been outside of Andalusia. As the experience has always been positive, we remain motivated with this program.Participating in international programs, especially in EVS, has offered our organization an added value to our work at local and international level, because the contributions and working methods provided by our volunteers during the years all this time, have improved our process and methologies, so they have enriched our work.With this project we want to count on four european volunteers (Adam from Poland, Nadja from Luxemburg, Clementine from Belgium and Pauline from France) to be with us for a period of 9 months (from September 2016 to June 2017). Although We will be here at the same time, they will participate in very different activities, like different they will be also their profiles, in the way that we expect Adam and Nadja to support many of our workshops and activities (handicrafts, recicling, painting, informatic lessons, ...) or Clementine will be concentrating her activity in updating our website, creating videos and designing posters about our activities, etc. Also the four volunteers will have part of their activity focused in motivate the population to do volunteering (local and international) and promotion of Erasmus+ and EVS programs.Also, we expect them to develope activities from their own iniciative, which the team will think they will be healthy and of interest for the users of the center where we are located.In addition, we must mention that given the situation of the big crisis afflicting Spain, especially Andalusia, a few years ago, several nonprofit organizations from Málaga, have strengthened ties, creating a network of mutual support, sharing all types of resources (personal, material, informational, etc.). In this way, these volunteers will support some entities in specific activities. This will also be helpful for volunteers to know other types of associations and differents target groups (handicap people, minors, migrants, etc.) in the city, and to be surrounded of different people from their usual environment.The direct beneficiaries of the project are several . Firstly, the volunteers theirselves, because they will acquire skills and will have an experience of a great value for their personal and professional life. Also our organization will be a direct beneficiary , becase We will have the help of four volunteers for a long term. Also, users of our center will benefit from this host, as they will be in permanent touch with international volunteers, with the intercultural value this means, besides the support they will get to do their activities, and lately the rest of Non profit Organizations from Málaga, where the volunteers will go from time to time to support them.



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