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Youth employment and integration for European citizenszhip
Date du début: 11 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 10 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objectives of the project are to deepen mutual understanding between young people from different countries and promotion of youth cooperation on issues of education and unemployment. Project activities will be addressed in particular to young people from the NEET group, young people who are not employed, do not learn and do not take part in trainings. Regardless of country of residence, the moment of entering the job market for young people is a big challenge. At the very beginning of his career, they have to contend with the negative effects of the economic crisis. The task of the project is to show the most important problems and challenges of youth in the context of making decisions about learning and employment. Unemployment, difficult choices of education and career paths, a sense of helplessness and lack of clear prospects for development are the dilemmas of young people both Polish and France. By involving volunteer from France, we want to show young people that their problems are not only the specifics of their country, but the whole EU. Volunteer’s activities involving the consultations and discussions on education and unemployment will be an important step for young beneficiaries how to cope in the current job market and how young people in France cope with similar problems. Youth faces many dilemmas about its future: education, to employment, self-employment, travel and the use of open borders, volunteering at the place of residence or in another country, to develop their skills and passion. The exchange of experiences will enrich the participants and volunteer for new - common experiences and solutions.The aim of the volunteer is also to take the initiative to develop joint recommendations and "good practices" of situation of young people, with a special focus on young people NEET in the European labor market. (in the form of e-publication)"Best practices" will be produced by regular meetings with youth and during workshops involving both completely inactive persons and young people who have been successful.All activities of the volunteer will be of intercultural encounters Polish - French, as well as with representatives of other nationalities. Polish society must be prepared for the increased influx of migrants and refugees. In addition, the financial and economic crisis of recent years has had a significant impact on labor migration within the European Union.Problems in dealing with foreigners Polish citizens are primarily associated with the lack of cultural competence and language skills. The organization of meetings "French dream" promoting the culture of France and learning French language allow participants from Poland to thoroughly explore the culture of one of the EU countries. These meetings will also contribute to greater openness and tolerance due to the possibility of direct contact with a new culture.



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