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Youth Culture in Linköping
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Kulturhusen Elsas & Skylten are youth centers for young people in the age of 15-25 yrs. The houses are run by Studiefrämjandet on assignment of the municipality of Linköping. Studiefrämjandet is an NGO organisation that arrange and offer courses and education for adults and juveniles in their leisure such as theatre, dance, media, music, international culture and environment-nature. The profile of Elsas Hus is culture – stageart such as theatre, dance, music, poetry and movies and the profile of Skylten is music. All our facilities are available for young people with ideas who wants to start and do culture activities.At Elsas hus we have three rooms for rehearsal, a small cinema, a creative room, a screnprint room and at Skylten we have 25 rooms for rehearsing music, two rooms that are equipped with amplifyers, instruments and PA and a larger venue for concerts and stageart. There is a café with a stage in both houses and the cafes are also used as a gallery where young people can show their art. We encourage young people to make events such as concerts, theatre, exhibitions, festivals,happenings and workshops. We are serving fairtrade and ecological products in our cafes. Our volunteers are very much involved in the work at Kulturhusen Elsas & Skylten, from idea to doing. The project "Youth culture of Linköping" will continue to make an impact on the participants, staff, the young people in Linköping and the municipality. To be able to offer young people the great opportunity to live abroad for a period in their life makes us envisage that we are a part of making the world a bit more open minded and thoughtful. It is an added value for the municipality to be able to offer the young citizens of Linköping the possibility to go out as volunteers. To host volunteers that are interested in culture, such as music, dance, theatre, poetry and art who will work together with the visitors and staff in a various number of culture activities, Kulturhusen Elsas & Skylten will not only gain new interesting activities for our visitors and inspiration for the staff, but we will also be able to promote the fantastic advantages of EVS and offer our volunteers to learn new skills. To arrange culture activities at Kulturhusen Elsas & Skylten and to promote EVS and the different key actions in Erasmus+ are our main objectives. Our volunteers will learn by doing, together with the staff and the visitors.



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