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“ Youth Cooperation Against Geographical Barriers “ ( Coğrafi Engellere Karşı Gençlik İşbirliği )
Date du début: 18 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 17 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project was held in Kars/Turkey on 1-7 July 2015. From 8 country as Croatia, Romania, Slovenia,Slovakia,Hungary, Spain, Lithuania and Turkey, 26 participants took a part in the project. The general objectives of the project were: - Social inclusion of young people who lives in rural regions and has geographical disadvantages. - To support NGO-University collaboration in order to increase mobility in youth works. - To encourage young people implement social inclusion methods during the project. - To provide self confidence, knowledge and experience among young people in order to develop the youth works and social integration. - To make aware of local community and young people about positive effects of youth works to social development of rural regions. - To struggle with poverty which causes by economical-social-cultural-geographical obstacles. The profile of the participants were the people who are working actively in the youth field as youth worker, youth leader, volunteer. Some part of the participants had disadvantages as geographic, economic and cultural differences. Beside this, our activities were in the titles; Youth Work in Rural Areas, Identification of Geographical disabled, causes and solutions, Development of the communication between youth and the city, developing dialogue between Young people in rural areas and universities and local NGOs, social adaptation and inclusion of young people. Activities carried out are ; seminars,visits to local authorities and the university, stand works, workshops and seminars, cultural visits, introducing Erasmus+ and YouthPass and group building sessions.



7 Participants partenaires