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Youth Citizenship Activators
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 1 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Youth Citizenship Activators” is a 10-day Mobility of Youth workers-Training course, organized by Omladinska Kulturna Organizacija from 24th of November to 3rd of December 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia that brings together 35 youth workers, young leaders, trainers and young professionals from Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Albania, Czech Republic, Italy and Romania. Being active citizen in social, political and economic life has many advantages and almost always brings positive impact and benefits on people lives. It brings experience, knowledge, skills, contacts, education, mobility and job opportunities and friendships that otherwise we would hardly get in the comfort of our homes. Active participation widens people horizons, enriches lives, increases self-confidence and esteem, opens new doors for personal and professional development and often leads to job offers or increased chances for employment. But, if the benefits are so high, then why youth doesn’t take active participation in societies and practice their citizens’ rights to be active in the political, economic and social processes in their countries and EU? Why European youth show little or no interest and motivation to be engaged in democratic life, why are they losing community ties and there are declined levels of trust in democratic institutions? The answers on these questions are not easy to get, but we’ve asked these crucial questions to ourselves and our partners and found out that youth workers and youth organisations can greatly help in addressing these issues and inspire and enable active youth participation in democratic life by providing training, education, coaching and information through their work and activities. Therefore, project supports the personal and professional development of youth workers and young leaders by training, equipping with competences and empowering them to work on citizenship education, especially in the context of active citizenship and European citizenship. In the same time, the project creates a new generation of Youth Citizenship Activators (educators) who will be able to encourage active youth participation in socio-political democratic life on local, national and European level in order to strengthen youth voice and role in Europe by using different tools for empowerment.Through successful realization of project and fulfilling its aims and objectives, the project on the long run can significantly help to raise the quality of (European) citizenship education and improve active participation of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities in participating countries and European democratic life.Project methodology is based on non-formal, experiential and informal learning methods and intercultural learning that will aim to foster the personal, social and professional development of all participants though it’s inclusive approach to everyone and adaptation according to their needs and expectations.



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