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Youth Changemakers Training: Learning and Sharing about Ecological Sustainability, Community Resiliency, Economic Sovereignty and Personal Agency
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXTAcross Europe, youth are leading and working on social and ecological change projects in order to address the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis. However, youth often express that they need to improve their skills and capacities so that their projects can have long-lasting impacts.AIM & ACTIVITIESThe Youth Changemakers Training: Learning and Sharing for Ecological Sustainability, Community Resiliency and Personal Agency (YCT) responds directly to the youth demands expressed above. As such, the aim of this project is:To increase the capacities of youth to effect long-lasting social and ecological change in theircommunities and internationally.The YCT is specifically designed for 36 youth from 12 different EU and Mediterranean countries who are actively involved in and/or deeply committed to social and ecological change initiatives. Special attention will be paid to ensuring the participation of disadvantaged youth who meet this criteria.The three learning activities and one ongoing learning activity of YCT are:1. Preparation Phase: Online learning modules2. Main Activity: One-month bilingual participatory training3. Follow-Up Phase: Local community presentation and engagement4. Ongoing activity: Learner-centred monitoring and evaluationTHE FOUR MODULES & OBJECTIVESThe four specific dimensions and the overall training will be certified by five separate organisations. The details of each certified dimension are:1. Facilitation & Community Engagement Certificate, 60 hrs· To harness soft skills in community building and advocacy.2. Indigenous & Systems Worldview Certificate, 44 hrs· To deepen the understanding and appreciation of holistic and sustainable worldviews.3. Alternative Economies Certificate, 44 hrs, with Dr. Arcadi Oliveres· To explore the creation of alternative economies and alternative currencies.4. Permaculture Design Certificate, 76 hrs· To develop hard skills and foundational knowledge about environmental sustainability.5. Ecovillage Design Education (upon completion of all four modules), 224 hrs· To be able to design and create socially and ecologically sustainable communities.INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGIES1. Transformative Teaching Methodology (TTM)Trainers will use TTM because it is a very effective teaching & empowerment methodology when working with youth. TTM includes techniques such as popular education, group problem solving, cooperative games & mind-mapping.2. Innovative Project Planning & ManagementExpert trainers & practioners will teach participants how to innovatively design & execute projects.3. Systemic Transnational NetworkingYouth participants & partner organisations will be engaged in multiple networking activities that are theme-based & goal-oriented.EXPECTED IMPACTS- Youth leaders have a greater capacity to effect long-lasting social and ecological change in their communities.- Trainers draw ideas and inspiration from existing social & ecological change initiatives from across Europe and the Mediterranean.- Mas Franch and partner organisations are more inspired and empowered to continue engaging and leading transnational initiatives for social and ecological change.- Mas Franch and partners new to ERASMUS+ have more knowledge and experience about mobility opportunities offered by the programme and can impulse new projects in the future.- Stakeholder certification entities have a greater understanding of collaborative certification trainings.- Local and regional communities experience a growth in social and ecological change work.- National and international communities increase their awareness of social and ecological issues and solutions



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