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Date du début: 1 avr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Training course ?Youth builds Peace in Europe? was held in Kobuleti, Georgia, on 20 - 28 June 2015. In the training participated together 32 youth workers, youth leaders and youth educators as well as youth activists from 13 European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova. Peace-building and conflict transformation are increasingly popular concepts in local and international youth work, particularly in post-violent settings in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, but adapted concepts also gain ground addressing community conflicts in Western Europe. Most of the approaches in use focus on people-to-people approaches bringing young people from conflicting communities together. However, they often do not address directly the violent past and the resulting deeply rooted negative imagines towards the other conflict party. In this context, the project and its training course aimed to make youth and community workers familiar with people-to-people concepts of reconciliation and dealing with the past in order to enhance community building processes and peace-building initiatives. By introducing the concept of reconciliation and dealing with the past to youth based organisations who by now are not familiar with both aspects of peace-building processes, the project aimed to contribute to sharing practises in the sphere of youth work and to raise awareness for the diverse nature youth work can take particularly in the challenging field of conflict transformation. The training course used the approach of non-formal learning and applied modern interactive, trainee orientated methods prioritising the learning needs of the participants while paying attention to group cohesion, trust and safe space and work atmosphere. As a result, the training course aimed to contribute to competence development of the participants in the field of reconciliation work and dealing with the past, to create of follow-up projects in partnership with the other project partners on the project theme, and to create links between the project partners for sustainable and long-term cooperation in the field of peace-building and youth work mainly by sharing expertise and experiences in a process of mutual learning.



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