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Youth and Traditions for Environmental Protection
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012,

Title: Youth and Tradition for Environmental ProtectionThe project will facilitate youth from different social and cultural contexts to rediscover and to recuperate the traditional knowledge and relationship that their social groups have with their territory in order to find coping strategies to local and global environmental challenges.Genera! Objective: To promote young people's active citizenship to cope with the global environmental challenges.Specific Objectives: 1) To enhance knowledge and concerns of the youth involved by the project on global environmental challenges through researching the traditional link of their social groups with tReirtemtory ancHħe use/misuse of it.2) To facilitate the youth involved by the project to formulate international recommendation for the decision makers about the implementation of environmental protection policies.Expected results:1. Acquired youth's ability to research and to disseminate the results;2. Increased youth's knowledge about their social group and other groups' cultural relation with their territory and its use/misuse;3. Formulation of local and common recommendations for the 4 countries to cope with the environmental challenges;4. Increased awareness of communities and decision makers about the implementation of environmental protection policies.Priorities chosenβ Participation of young peopleβ Mobility of young peopleβ Cultural diversityβ European citizenshipo Training of youthβ Global environmental challenges



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  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth in the World\Coooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries
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