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Youth and the rural life
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays in the last decades the migration of young people from villages and small towns in the countryside has accelerated. Its prevention and the liquidation of causes are social and political problems that have to be solved. What we can do is to reinforce the feeling of belonging to the countryside, and also to widen the opportunities offered by the country today by thinking together about it. One basic condition that I necessary to do it is to get to know the past, lifestyle that has been formed over centuries, customs and the ways and opportunities of self-sufficiency. We need to show alternatives based on traditional values to other young people that can make them realise that country life can offer an attractive perspective. Participants of the Youth Exchange are mainly 13-25 years old. They come from three participating countries (Croatia, Hungary, Romania), the 41 young people and their leaders came to Alsómocsolád (Hungary) and took part in the programme between15-22 August, 2015. The project has contributed indirectly to the fact that more and more people will choose employment opportunities offered by the country and also to encourage more and more young people living in the country to go to higher education and become open-minded adults, who are open to the world and inside it also towards the European Union. The effect will be experienced by all the organisations participating in the exchange, in their own settlements because they have taken the results of the project and also the idea of the project back home to their countries, and as the project involves several countries, through dissemination it has affected the European Union, as well. By making the results public the effect was multiplied, as each organisation spread the results of the project in their own country by giving presentations, leaflets, DVDs /CDs to organisations and institutions dealing with young people. Activities: - workshops, - discussion list, - leisure activity, - sport activity, - flash mob, - lecture, - international evenings,



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