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Youth and seniors one team
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project „Youth and seniors one team” will take place in Latvia, Rujiena. This project is needed to involve youngsters to be active in social activities and promote tolerance towards the elderly. Till now we have hosted youngsters from EVS program and it helps to develop volunteering process in Rujiena. By this project local population is more interested in social activities were EVS volunteers are involved. Also local young’s are more interested in local events if they are intercultural and it help to develop personality. Cooperation between different countries helps not to follow wrong stereotypes. Volunteers inwolved in project will help to seniors keep them active and communication between generations. The main aims of project:-Creativity, culture and susceptibility. During the project, all time creativity and susceptibility are used in activities for seniors, volunteers will develop the cultural, organizational, communication and language skills that will be needed in everyday work with people and visitors to the center of social support.-A healthy lifestyle and active aging. The project will take place in the center of activities for seniors, attended by senior citizens aged between 60 and 99 years, who spend the daily life of a lonely alone. Young people will be given the opportunity to organize activities for seniors. Young people will be involved in building events that will encourage participation by young people and reduce youth unemployment. This will promote cooperation and reduce inter-cultural and inter-generational gap.The project will involve three young people aged 17 to 30 years. The project duration is 16 months. Volunteers will represent Italy, France and Bulgaria. The project will be acquainted with the EU countries. This will help by the project provide diversity and intercultural learning. All activities will be carried out by means learning by doing. Volunteers in all activities will learn new skills that will be used in working with seniors. Each volunteer role is to lead and participate in activities that help to develop personality. The project result is developed personal skills in working with seniors and volunteers have developed according to each personality.Returning home volunteers had improved their personality and had acquired skills that will help to be more involved in the education process in their work and their career creation. The knowledge gained in working in intercultural environment will allow volunteers more easily into understand society and work in international level. On the other hand Rūjienas people, young people and seniors will be familiar with a new culture and gained a deeper understanding of the European dimension.



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