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Youth and Democracy
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project created with the aim to deepen and make an enhancement of democratic values , human rights and European citizenship. In the current context where the economic crisis may be the breeding ground for the rise of totalitarianism and anti-democratic at the same time you anti-European ideologies , we want to work in the opposite direction . We want the participants in our project value over both democracy and human rights and the European Union through the learning and knowledge of the previous stages and struggles that had to be overcome in each country to get to enjoy a consolidated democratic system . We also seek to involve young people in the detection of its major problems and in solving them. Through the so-called " snowball effect " each participant try out strengthened in its democratic thoughts and decide to get involved in the sustainability of the same in their society and decide to improve their participation . We're sure those forty participants from eight different countries will in turn infect those wanting to get involved and generate solutions after more than a good number of young people in their countries democratic quality.From our work of spreading we seek two main objectives, and why we have put a lot of effort in and we will carry it out correctly with our partners. The first, is to reach as many people as possible to make them reflect on the chosen topic. Therefore , we chose 5 distant countries together which will multiply the impact of the activity and go further. In this work of dissemination , we will express all findings obtained during the project and believe it will serve to reflect to others who were not directly involved in the project . The other purpose of propagation , will be to make them arrive to the authorities and public opinion , through devised and explained above system,the problems with youth -related institutions, the proposed settlement reached for them and vice and solutions that they can sin and our democratic systems that could turn against them in the near future.The entire project will be developed under the framework of non-formal education and within it we will use different facets such as games, treasure hunts , debates , tours , role plays , film workshops , exhibitions to achieve the objectives searched .Selected participants will have between 18-30 years and the selection will be always looking to meet gender parity . In addition , priority will be given to people with fewer opportunities for economic, geographic or social situation. Something that we have specially highlighted to our partners that we will raise a proposal for participants in your organization . These participants, in addition to working to achieve objectives with respect to the main theme of the project , will also achieve the inherent way , improving their personal skills . Being in an international and multicultural environment , we are confident that will open their way of thinking and improve their language skills, personal confidence win , change the way you think about many things and forge friendships. We believe our project will help them to become better citizens and in addition to this social order , also be strengthened in the personalilies. It will be organised in Chalkidiki between 25/2-3/3/2017.



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