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Youth Agro Empowerment Project
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall aim of the project is to equip rural youth people with entrepreneurship and technical skills to enhance youth employment in rural and peripheral areas. The role of the youth is fundamental because they can stimulate and actively involve youngsters in their society and share best practices from different countries.During the first part of the project youth will acquire necessary knowledge on entrepreneurship and management, how to deal the competitors and how to be involved in the labour market.On the second stage, a combination of theory and practise will help youngsters to get in touch with traditional and innovative methods used in land management, ICT tools and food processing. Also they will meet successful entrepreneurs working in agriculture and will visit farms. But this is no enough, the outcome of the project will be business plans prepared from youth in cooperation with experts of the fields. The business plans will contain ISBN number which make them unic. In order to maximize the input and success of the whole project the organizing team decided to divide the project into 4 activities which foresee to involved:Kick off Meeting; Training Course; Training Course; Evaluation meeting.The expected impact on the main targets is as follows:- Enhancement of Agro-business and ICT skills.-Enhancement of basic skills on how to create start-ups;- Enhancement of “out of the box” thinking”- Knowledge and ability to use traditional and innovative technologies in Agriculture against water and energy scarcity;- Knowledge of sustainable agriculture through usage of renewable energy and water management techniques and of innovative technologies for food security;- Increased capacities in land management and food production; - Ability to use ICT tools in promotion of Agro based products;All mobility activities foreseen in the present Capacity Building will aim at allowing an exchange of knowledge, competences and best practices among people with different cultural and technical/expertise backgrounds with a view to produce educational outcomes to spread among interested youth target groups as tools for direct and meaningful empowerment. Activities will foresee welcoming endeavours aimed at fostering cohesion among participants.Dissemination initiatives organized by Consortium partners (including project Webinars) are expected to determine the involvement of roughly 2000 individuals between youths and stakeholder audiences.



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