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Youth Activism through Social Media Storytelling
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Activism through Social Media Storytelling project aims to empower youth, by providing them information on youth relevant issues, using the method of storytelling and the social media as a channel for transferring the message. Along with the approach of the European Strategy for Youth about youth empowerment where the promotion of the potential of young people for the renewal of society is emphasized (, the project will identify and promote good practices and stories of young people, youth organizations and stakeholders working with youth that make impact in their communities. Students who won scholarships, active interns in international organizations, young innovators, youth organizations promoting mobility, start-up organizations, co-working spaces, impact hubs, departments for international students, Erasmus offices are just some of the possible actors in the stories that will aim to inspire, inform and raise the awareness of youth. The central activity of the youth exchange, nonetheless, will be the field trips and meetings with youth in youth organizations (for instance ESN , AIESEC or AEGEE), institutions, companies and other stakeholders working with youth (Impact Hub, Department for International Students at University of Vienna) from where the participants will gather materials to create social media stories. The media content (short articles, photos, videos, captions) will be placed on the social media pages of the project, following the concept from the successful Humans of New York project ( However, the focus of the stories is different: instead of personal stories connected to a city, we will depict stories connected with young people who do contribute to the well-being of youth. The social media are chosen as a channel for transferring the message as the influence of social media on young people has been increasing in the last years. Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn have gained significant role in everyday life and have become one of the most important communication channels among young people. Eurostat reports similar data, in 2014 even 90% of the young people aged 16-29 use internet on daily basis, whereas 82 % of the youth in EU are active on social media channels. Therefore, the project will try to maximize the impact of the social media and it will: • Promote active citizenship and empowerment of young people by supporting their ideas and creativity;• Enhance the level of key competences and skills of young people in the area of storytelling and digital media, which will boost their writing skills and initiate youth empowerment;• Bring more information connected with youth-related issues; • Foster the quality improvements in youth work: in particular through enhanced cooperation between organisations in the youth field and other stakeholders;• Set pillars for a more strategic and joint approach towards youth empowerment;• As well as enhance the visibility of the European added value to the Erasmus + programme.There will be 36 participants in total, including the group leaders, coming from Slovakia, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. The participants at the youth exchange are expected to be youth leaders, aged 16-30 active in the social media world and that already have some experience in social media monitoring of their organizational pages. It is highly important that they possess exceptional writing skills in their own language, that they are familiar with the journalistic writing tools and have “an eye” to catch interesting details and to present them in an original manner. The YE will be based on the methods of learning-by-doing, peer-to-peer learning and exchange of good practices where the participants will take a pro-active approach and assure transfer of know-how not only between themselves but also within their organizations. This youth exchange will boost the digital and writing skills of the participants, will enhance the managerial competences of the organizations involved and will raise the awareness of the youth people, youth organizations and youth institutional bodies about active citizenship. By pointing out and sharing information about successful stories of young people and stakeholders active in the youth field, the project will inspire youth and youth bodies to take action and do something for their peers and communities. The project’s social media channels will remain active after the project end, and the 10 Tips for Social Media Storytelling created during the YE should give the organizations some pillars to start building their social media strategies and boost their impact through these channels. The youth exchange Youth Activism through Social Media Storytelling will be placed in the Austrian capital, Vienna in the period 16-22 May 2016.



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