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Youth Activism Generates Opportunity
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The social apathy of the youngsters is the reflection of the crisis of values of our time. This crisis is reflected also at social and political level and it is the reason of the estrangement of the youngsters from the social activism and the decisional making process.The aim of this youth exchange - that it will take place in Thessaloniki from the 10th until 18th of December- is to “fights” this social apathy promoting the local, national and international volunteerism and social activism using the non- formal learning. Through this youth exchange, 50 people (42 participants, 7 group leaders and 1 coordinator/facilitator) - coming from 7 european countries (Greece, Italy, Sweden, France, Romania, Estonia and Cyprus) - will acquire knowledge, skills and tools that will permit to them to play an active role in the civil society. Furthermore, the target group chosen (from 18 to 25 y.o.) represents not only the bracket of youngsters discouraged by the social situation but also represents the future generation of workers, the future ruling class so the future decision making process. Thanks the young target, the participants can share and spread knowledge and experiences both in their community and with the members of the same this way the goals that we will reach can be use for future cooperations and future common objectives. Their skills will be used in different aspects of their life, and they will spread their knowledge in the family, in the local community, in the scholastic environment. For the realization of those results, the goals are (how mentioned before): - To increase the knowledge of the key concepts about the social activism and the volunteerism;- To explain the different ways of activism (social, e-participation and civic participation)and the “different level” of the activism (local, national, international and European represented by the EVS opportunity);- To introduce the social rights in the civic societies;- To discuss about the youth activism in the partners countries ;- To spread ideas about how support the youth initiative and action;- To share the challenges and the difficulty about the activism in the modern society ;- To analyze the good practises and to create of new ones.All the activities will be run using the non-formal education, through debates, simulations and all the activities in the timetable that can involve the participant thanks to the experiential learning methodology. Obviously , each participant will choose freely how to be involved in each activities.We will use, also, activities during which the participants can be involved and get curious in other lifestyle and cultures.The desired impact of the project look out first to the local levels, the participants will enjoy the local activities and after they will be motivated to reach and to achieve higher goals of activism and voluntarism, using also not only European programmes but also international volunteerism programmes. The youngsters will increase one’s awareness about themselves and the personal development, and also how they can influence the society thought good practise.In conclusion, the visibility of the project and of the Erasmus + programmes will be guaranteed through different channels including the digital and paper channel: It will be created a project’s logo that it will be used with the standard logo and the logo of the organizations partners of the project, we will use the social media networks and internet website, we will use the standard logos on all the material ( paper materials and digital)We will share the results in the local community and the university environment through posters, leaflets and universities organisations.Throught all the channels mentioned above, it will be shared also all the information related the Erasmus + programmes.



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