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Youth Abroad Linking LAnds
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

YALLA- Youth Abroad Linking Lands - is a proposal for a European Voluntary Service project involving 12 volunteers coming from Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine in CESIE’ activities. The project will be implemented for 2 rounds of 9 months each, with 6 volunteers each. The main objective of the project is to empower young people with fewer opportunities providing them with both professional and personal skills through a meaningful experience abroad. The idea of involving youths from MEDA countries comes from the will to give them equal opportunities to reduce unemployment and escape the social exclusion process of their marginalized communities. Through voluntary work, the project aims at involving youths in active citizenship actions, equipping them with soft and hard skills that can be profitably used in the labor market, encourage the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, promoting intercultural dialogue and fostering social inclusion through a non-formal learning approach.The participants will be between 18 and 30 years old. Each partner will send 2 volunteer per round, fulfilling both gender and age balance. They will be young people with fewer opportunities in terms of economics (unemployed and facing difficulties in entering the labour market), geographic obstacles, (from rural areas or with travel limitations) or social constraints (from minority communities). Volunteers will be involved in supporting CESIE’s already ongoing activities, such as those implemented in canteen for homeless people, reception centers and multicultural playgrounds or in design and implementation of workshops, but also encouraged to propose their own new ideas and implement their own initiatives in the field of support for migrants and refugees. They will also attend training on non-formal methodologies, project design –management & fundraising.Volunteers will need strong support in terms of intercultural accompaniment and guidance for orientating themselves in Palermo. A constant monitoring of their learning process will be shared by EVS coordinator and mentors designed for ensuring a successful learning experience.The methods used are primarily based on the active participation and learning of volunteers and beneficiaries promoted through non-formal and informal activities. Learning from experience, facing challenging and managing daily life is one of the best ways for learning and growing up. Cooperative work and peer learning will allow participants to learn from each other, transferring good practices, experiences and knowledge. Outdoor activities will let them know other realities out from the group that integrate the learning outcomes.The workshops can have different contents, timing and target groups (youngsters or children, families) depending on the interests and initiatives of the volunteers & target groups, such as theater, music, dance, design, recycling & up-cycling, sharing kitchen habits, etc.As expected, volunteers will benefit from the mobility period in terms of learning outcomes, both knowledge and skills, such as intercultural competence, communication skills, cultural awareness and expression, social and civic competences, self-awareness and management, creative thinking and sense of initiative, problem solving approaches and constructive situation management. Sending and hosting organizations will enhance their network; create the basis for new projects and cooperation, benefit from a dynamic interaction with the volunteers. Young migrants and children of migrant families will be included in local activities with EVS volunteers and local peers by designing and getting involved into the activities foreseen. The project will come to enrich the experiences of target groups by putting them to work together, sharing experiences, cultures, discovering soft skills and acquiring new ones. Target groups will be encouraged to interact with others in order to think about implementing positive change in their lives, in addition to learning how to take responsibility and to remain committed to their society, keeping their cultural identity. At a local level, the presence of young people from Arabic Countries in Palermo will have a strong and positive impact on the local communities, since a collective consciousness made by fixed prejudices needs to be overcome and creating relations with volunteers from MEDA countries, who assume the role of supporter for social actions in Palermo, will be a step forward a collective change of minds. Thus, Youth Abroad Linking Lands –making connections & fostering peace and tolerance among people. At a wider level, the project will encourage to develop strategies to face common concerns for the European society, such as racism, xenophobia. Fostering social inclusion and solidarity, the activities will put a strong basis for the future, equipping youngsters with an additional understanding of the issues concerning our society and with the sense of initiative to face them



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