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Youth 4 Youth 2015
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is based on the activities of the Salesian youth center, which deals with youth. Youth Center is located on the outskirts of Ljubljana, where most of the project will take place. Program is meant for children and youngsters between ages between 7 and 30, who spend most of their free time involved in various programs in our organization. The project includes two EVS volunteers for the period of 10 months, who will be learning about Slovenian and also European culture, through the work with young people. The project is in all aspects connected with youth, so we use various ways to motivate them for active leisure activities and productive participation. EVS volunteer will experience life in a group of Slovenian adolescents; they will be involved in a variety of workshops; participate and assist in our club program activities; preparing project or independent workshops, participate and assist in the preparation of holiday programs, participate and assist in preparing different events, take active participation on the activities of volunteers (training, planning, ..), be involved in different sports under the auspices of the Salesian sports leagues, participate in local;events, meetings, ... The project will greatly contribute to the integration of young people through education and active leisure and • Learning the planning, preparation and execution of activities • exchange of cultural and national characteristics • Sharing knowledge and experience and comparison youth center in different countries • learn about handling a variety of profiles of young • developing new projects within the organization • expand their social networks • learn specific methods of work with young people in our organization • learn about the social , cultural and other aspects of life in Slovenia • learn the Slovenian language and familiarizing others with their mother tongue Expected results and long-term effects First and foremost, the project is based and is designed to contribute to the development of an individual who is involved in EVS. It is also important that the project promote the European dimension and touches the priority issues that affect mainly young; Unemployment and the acquisition of competences to enter the labor market, active participation, intercultural dialogue and solidarity as the cornerstone of advancement and personal satisfaction. The project is designed to expand the program and interference in the environment of young people who are too passive in their perception of the world. We hope that this project encourages other young people to join EVS; and vice versa: that there will be other young people the courage to continue this partnership. We wish that every young can believe in that he or she may be amended or co-creator of this world and that he / she has the opportunity to be YOUTH IN ACTION.



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