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Youth 3.0
Date du début: 8 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 7 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Youth 3.0 is the international training 24 youth workers from Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Spain and Portugal. Social media are now an important segment that unquestionably be taken into account in the planning of the organization. Although they are not mandatory channel of communication for everyone, you should be aware of their potential and strength. Improper techniques of communication through social media can bring some risks, which is why the choice of this form of communication in should be thought out, planned strategy backed up by action.The aim of the project is to increase activity in social media by NGOs and aware promoting this channel of communication. Social media will be presented as a tool for mobilization of society, especially young people. Thanks to the workshop participants will gain knowledge how to build a professional social media campaign. The project will help expand the knowledge of how to effectively use social media to be used in further activities of the organization. The joint initiative will enable the solution to the problem faced by organizations today, namely the difficulties in reaching young people and fostering in them values such as non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men.During the 10-day training, which will take place in Gdansk, participants using informal methods of education will discuss the environmental analysis of social media - a blog, website, facebook, TV online, twitter - advantages and disadvantages, possibilities for use in its actions, online and offline campaign - similarities and differences, preparation of an online campaign, learn about international activities in social media as an opportunity to develop the organization, exchange experiences and good practices. Also they will plan joint campaigns online.The project will contribute to increasing the number of active young people interested in action, unite them around an idea; development of attitudes, commitment and responsibility for the welfare of the communities in which we live.The project participants will learn how to create online campaigns and good examples of international campaigns. In this way they will be able to operate on a European scale. This will increase the effectiveness of their media and audience. In this way they will be promoted values of the European Union, namely, equality, solidarity, tolerance, as well as citizenship and inclusion of all, especially young people, in social and civic life.



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