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Your Choice, Your Future
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea of the youth exchange is to bring together young people from our NGO participating in the exchanges abroad in various European countries and they will be asked to reflect on the drugs issue in Europe. We are facing a renewed increase of drugs consumption in many European countries. Young people often turn to drugs because of social, economic, educational, family or personal problems. Therefore, to tackle the drugs issue requires a complex approach. However, what is also important is the general attitude of the public towards drugs. In many countries, drug abuse has become somewhat acceptable among young people.The idea of the youth exchange is to make young people reflect about this problem, let them share their own points of view or experience with this problem and create a small-scale public campaign to disseminate the results of this project. We will invite specialists from National Institute for Health Development to give an indepth overview on the problems linked to drug consumption. National and also international strategies for fighting drug consumption will be brought out. This will be the base for the teamworks and discussions. The idea of the project was proposed by several young people from our organisation who then contacted the partner organisations and found young people in other countries who were also interested in the theme.The objectives of the project are:- To raise awareness of young people about the drugs issue, its roots, causes and effects- To enable young people from different European countries to share their experience and opinions about the problem- To discuss important social topics such as legislation of soft drugs, decriminalisation of possession and consumption of drugs, influence of drugs on the mainstream culture or social media and drugs- To give the participants an opportunity to create a small-scale campaign against drug abuse using their own creativity, art, social media and other tools of their choice- To give young people from various countries an opportunity to get to know other cultures and promote understanding among various cultures- To develop key competences of participants (e.g. social and intercultural competence, foreign language skills, entrepreneurship, digital competences, etc.



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