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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

What is YIDOCM? YOUNGSTERS I.DOC MAKERS (YIDOCM). YOUNGSTERS, NEW TECHNOLOGIES, MEDIA & VET IN THE EUROPEAN AUDIOVISUAL CONTEXT, is an innovative applied audiovisual project developed by vocational students who study Image, Sound and Graphic Arts in different European technical schools. YIDOCM put the cap on the evolution of the framework project “Los jóvenes vistos por los jóvenes” towards the digital interactive settings within the current communicative context. How to adapt the changes in the international audiovisual context is important for the future professionals of the audiovisual field who are studying in the participants schools. Taking into account the convergence in internet of the conventional social media, and with a close symbiosis with the social networks thanks to the development of the new communication technologies, the documentary genre has experienced important changes which evolve into a transmedia treatment of the projects, they give interactivity to the documentary genre and they expand the short story thanks to the webdoc development. InYIDOCM, The young students from the participants schools are responsible of the cooperative creation processes of a transmedia documentary speech, which is more original and an alternative to the hegemonic speech of the communication means. This is around two main topics, they are very important in the current horizon: Climate change and the migratory flows in Europe. YIDOCM exceeds the goals of the most common projects in education-communication, Because they have got that the multiplatform speech of the creative youngsters get the main means of communication (TV and Cinema), as well as the on-line distribution thanks to the interactive webdoc of the project. YIDOCM also promotes the development of professional and crosscurricular competences, specially in peer to peer or equals communication, communication in English, audiovisual and graphic innovation and the cooperative and entrepreneurial spirit. Besides, participating in the project increases and promotes employability and the transition to the job market of these youngsters. YIDOCM continues in the same working line in the project “ Los Jóvenes vistos por los Jóvenes” with the aim of generating methodological innovations which allow the professional audiovisual coproduction among european students, always searchig the students´ original point of view related to the given topic. We have an original methodology designed and tested in previous projects, to work with the youngster “framing” related to relevant social topics, specifically in YIDOCM these topics are the climate change and the migratory flows in Europe. The students in the five participants schools will develop the central idea of the project webdoc, the scrips, the project graphic design, the audiovisual preproduction, the recording and the edition of each piece of the interactive documentary, all these pieces will make up the central video of the webdoc. All this work will be under the teachers´ supervision and orientation of all the schools during the six different phases in the two years project development. Who are the participants? The main participants in this projects are the following schools: OSZ ERNST LITFASS in Berlin, Istituto ROBERTO ROSSELLINI in Rome, BERUFSSCHULE FÜR CHEMIE, GRAFIK UN GESTALTTENDE BERUFE in Vienna, IES CLARA DEL REY in Madrid, PLAY ACCIÓ CULTURAL in Tarragona and IES PUERTA BONITA in Madrid. To these net of schools, other associate partners have been incorporated, institutions like Cinematography and audiovisual arts institute (ICAA) which belong to the Ministry of culture, the TV educative program “ La aventura de saber” of TVE, and three resarchig university groups specialized in the study of the climate change and migrations through communication. To all these participants will add cooperative companies with the hosting and the webdoc programming and the international festival responsible of the organization of the final project workshop. What are the expecting results? The main results are the following ones: – A documentary interactive webdoc, including the interactive version of the created documentary as a central video of the web and the expanded contents around the developed topics. – An original creation documentary with professional audiovisual quality which will be distribute on television, specialized festivals, conferences and audiovisual meetings for youngsters in Europe. – Study about the professional competences developed by the students in YIDOCM. – Study about the inmigration social representation and the climate change in the European youngsters and the evolution of this representation after the students´ paticipation in YIDOCM. – Didactic guides to use the project audiovisual contents as tools to teach the crosscurricular topics link to migrations and climate change.



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