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Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 1 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of our project is improving the employment capacity of youngsters via youth projects in frames of youth in action projects which built on social and intercultural learning awarness. Our project has 4 special aims: First, we aim at gaining new insights, fresh ideas, skills, and knowledge about youth work and the education of pre-school children in abroad. Secondly, we aim at offering knowledge, training, skills, and experience on the Youth in Action programme for the volunteer. Third, we intend to create opportunities to contribute to the personal development of both our targeted group of children and the volunteers. Finally, we aspire to make it possible for the volunteers to use and develop his/her knowledge and skills for our children. The volunteer will work in a combination of four different environments. These environments consist of: a) kindergartens for pre-school children , b) media institutions, c) our organization, GESOGED and d) maybe the university. T he tasks of the volunteer in terms of the approximate rates of his/her working time in general will be as the following: 1) media institutions or Educational, cultural, artistic, and sportive activities for kindergarten children, who are the main target group of this project: % 50 2) Interacting with parents of kindergarten children: % 5 3) Participating to the meetings and activities of GESOGED: % 20 Volunteers could find opportunities which can contribute their culture and experience with the observation of professional people, especially our gulf place consist of broken families.that youngs recognise the AB project and take responsibilty on social field create the important awareness on public.the consciousness of europe civilation increase on youngs .this project is short term ,will be in Balikesir with our host and include 3 volunteer coming from Bosnia and 1volunteer coming from poland 4) Working for and interacting with disadvantaged university students and disabled and disadvantaged kids or youngsters: % 5 5) Working with the project coordinator: %5 6) Learning Turkish language and culture: % 10 7) All other necessary activities: % 5 In projects volunteers will participate with help of mentors and profesionals and they will find chances to put their own experiences and culture into the process. While volunteers grow positive attitde towards disabled children and diffirences, local community and youngsters will create an important awarness for the visibilty of EU projects and capacity of youngsters to take responsibility in community related fields. The empolyment capacity and European citizenship awarness of youngsters will be improved. In this long term project ,2 volunteers from Hungary,3 volunteers from Romania ,3volunteers from Italy will be hosted in Balikesir



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