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Young women leading for a greener future
Date du début: 1 oct. 2011,

The profound and unique role that women play in protecting and improving the natural environment and human health is undeniable. Advocacy women's groups in civil society have grown up spontaneously. This is because it is often women and their families who suffer the most from environmental degradation, pollution, toxic exposure and health risks. They are now calling for environmental and social justice. Basing on the principle "togheter we can save our planet", the project will address the active role of women in society, youth involvement and contribution to the achievement of the MDGs 7: "Ensure enviromental sustainability". The aim of the project is to empower youth leaders and workers, and in particular young women, to educate, speak out, act and motivate others to take action for a greener planet. The main objectives are to foster the leadership skills of youth leaders, to educate them in areas related to global environment and to initiate local, regional and national projects on Global Environmental Challenges and MDG 7 in participating countries, and through networking and promotion, amongst all WAGGGS member organisations.Young Women Leading for a Greener Future project will be delivered through a series of activities that will involve young people in the preparation and implementation of all phases. After a first "Pre training event" activity using WAGGGS resources on Climate Change, MDG 7 and other Environmental Challenges, the project will continue through the preparation and design of training modules and event in which the young people will conduct peer education actions that focus on leadership and advocacy on environmental matters. The participants will then be further trained on the same areas during a High profile training event on "Leadership for a greener planet"; during the training existing leaders will be able to learn how to lead others in complex situations, promote environmental sustainability by becoming role models and motivating others to get involved, develop advocacy and community projects dedicated to MDG 7. On their return home, the participants will work on environmental awareness projects at national level while the project promoters will work on a training module focused on environmental sustainability and the achievement of MDG 7.The main venue of the project will be in Pune (India) where 46 participants from 42 countries will meet and work together to develop their international leadership and advocacy skills, gain a deeper understanding of MDGs 7 and develop follow-up advocacy and community projects. By the end of the project the Europe Region WAGGGS and the partner organisations will have trained 46 existing leaders and fostered their national capacity in the field of environmental education; supported young women in becoming leaders and motivating others to act for the planet; developed training modules aiming to enable leaders and youth workers to improve their knowledge and leadership skills to work and advocate for a greener planet; fostered worldwide cooperation in the field of environment and sustainability as well as promoted intercultural dialogue and raised awareness on the MDG 7.


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