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Young Queer Europe
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With our youth exchange project 'Visionary Youth (in the initial application known as Young Queer Europe)', 45 LGBT young people from different European countries (plus Morocco) were brought together in order to share experiences on their cultural and sexual identity, to learn from their differences and discover similarities among each other. With this project we aimed on the exchange of ideas and on the empowerment of young LGBT youth. Moreover and most importantly, we wncouraged the young participnats to learn from each other and encourage them to express themselves. This will lead to a more active and conscious citizenship of the participants in their respective countries. Also, it will lead to a broader understanding of the common European values related to social inclusion and equality of genders and sexual minorities. The participants met in Amsterdam for a 6-day program of workshops in filmmaking, identities, dance workshops and human rights. Also, they exchanged ideas on sexualities and on how gender and sexual diversity is perceived in their countries. Furthermore, the participants enjoyed the city of Amsterdam on several cultural activities. Also, the participants attended a LGBT filmfestival and got the opportunity to talk to international filmmakers. The participants had a wonderful week in Amsterdam and new friendships had been born. This is a quote from one of the Moroccan partiicpants: "Words won't be able to describe what I feel right now, the Amsterdam experience showed me again for the second time that it is a unique experience. This time with all the amazing persons you are I lived multiple lives in one life, it is a lucid experience, it is so transcendent. Thank you for the awesome share, we shared every part of a human in us, tears, smiles and all what goes beyond. it was very inspirational trip for me, it was a trip to the soul and the mind.I can really say that I love you, all of you with no single distinction. Please keep in touch and be light and love wherever and whenever you go with whoever you are. You are just AMAZING persons!" And one more quote from one of the Dutch partipants: "Can I just say that I think it's absolutely amazing how everyone is so excited and nostalgic about eachother and last week? Just wanted to say this. Enjoy your week everyone. Love you guys".



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