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Young proffesionals! Say no to bullies!!!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Young professionals! Say no to bullies !!! "is a multi-purpose project addressed to youth workers, young people joining the labor market, people associated with organizations that support victims of bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment.The idea of ​​the project stems from the needs of young people who enter the labor market and faced with difficult situations at work, they do not have full knowledge of the realities of life, as well as the needs of organizations that seek knowledge and tools to counteract these phenomena. In regions particularly affected by unemployment problem of bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination is disturbing and affects mostly young people who start their professional lives.The project involves two main activities: Seminar, which will take place in Lublin, 10-17 November 2016. And aims to exchange experiences, information on. The problem of bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and a meeting of experts to compare the situation in the countries of the partner organizations . Seminar to draw attention to the essence of the problem and its knowledge, identify the needs of young people understand the consequences of the pathology of the labor market, as well as the possibility of countermeasures. The seminar will be used for research reports on social. Situation of young people on the labor market - job satisfaction, working conditions, so you will need to meet the needs of young people. During the seminar, participants will meet with representatives of the State Labour Inspectorate and the National Association of Antymobbingowego OSA, to get to know two Polish key organizations granting support to people in difficulty in the work environment.The seminar will end directed to the concerned Open Day Seminar with open workshops and open debate.Training will be preceded by a competition for the password anti-bullying and anti-discrimination directed to the local community and a mini social campaign in the local community and on the Internet and will be held in Kościelisko 16-22 February 2017 and is open to participants of the seminar working with young people, the future multipliers, who together will work out with the trainers script program antymobbingowego of an information workshop, which will be able to implement in their local communities.The project will help to draw attention to the w / the problems, to the discussion, to develop tools to counter the phenomenon. In the long term, undertaken discussions may be the beginning of social change, develop new attitudes, social standards.The project will be attended by representatives of the countries, i.e. Poland, Great Britain, Greece, Ukraine, Latvia, Egypt, FYROM, Serbia, Armenia, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Belarus, the Russian Federation, Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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