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Young people from unemployment to employment
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As an coordinating organisation, the Association “Institute Perspectives” in active partnership with six partner organisations implemented the project within ERASMUS+ programme Youth Exchange “Young people from unemployment to employment”. The Exchange was implemented from 6th to 14th April 2016 in Svishtov, located in the region Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. The profile of respondents: Seven countries joined the project (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Turkey, and Lithuania) and a total of 42 young people and 7 leaders. The respondents were young people, aged 18-29 years, with 12 of them being young people with economic difficulties and/or geographical constraints. The main goal of the project was to ensure the development of the knowledge and skills as the main key was to ensure the youth employment and youth entrepreneurship development by applying techniques and methods of the non-formal education, by learning about best practices, by meeting with local institutions and local leaders working on the problem, by conducting of an event that was significant for the community, in the context of promoting tolerance and providing the respondents self-awareness of their European identity. For attaining the objective, the following activities were implemented: preparation, motivation, organisation, implementation, evaluation and self-reflection. A distinct result of the carried out project was the publishing of a Handbook on methodology, best practices and advices. The main objective was awareness on the topic at a local, national and international level. The overall activity on the project: preparation, implementation and evaluation, was done by various methods and techniques of the non-formal education. Achieved results: Implementing of the project had a direct impact on youth respondents. They developed their skills and knowledge in the field of the employability, youth employment, youth entrepreneurship and there was a possibility for self-fulfilment on the labour market. The young respondents became multiplicateurs with the mission to meet all of the members in the sixth organisations involved in the project, using the new information and knowledge. The effect on the Association “Institute Perspectives”: By implementing of the current project, the administrative capacity of the Association was improved in development cooperation at an international level. During the project some members and volunteers of the Association took the first steps in the international activity. The organisation increased its authority among the local community by the successful implementation of its first project under ERASMUS+ programme in Svishtov municipality. By preparation and publishing of the Handbook, the Association defended its authority once again. The effect on the partner organisations: By their active partnership, the sixth partner organisations in the project received a direct positivities as follows: - Their administrative capacity for participation in international youth projects was increased; - They improved their valuable experience being participants in Erasmus+ project; - Their impact on the local community was increased; - They built further potential partnerships under Erasmus+ programme; - They had their team multiplications, that spread their knowledge on the youth employment and entrepreneurship among their countrymen and women; - They distributed the Handbook among volunteers and among other young people, who are interested in the topic. The methodology: The methodology of the project was based on the techniques and methods of the non-formal education.



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