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Young Learners Mobility – YoulMob
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

South Tuscany believes in tranational mobility as a necessary and winning lever to PROMOTE THE FULL EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP, as well as to enhance and achieve its own goals of COMPETITIVENESS AND INNOVATION of the economic and local production as part of an INCLUSIVE GROWTH, because knowledge is the real wealth of people. The territory of South Tuscany needs young Europeans open to discussion, who can 'move' themselves in a stronger single market that will contribute to the creation of more open and integrated a European job market, overcoming language and cultural barriers that continue to hinder transnational mobility in the EU job market. The sensitivity of the institutions, education and training towards the opening to Europe is an acquired and not questioned fact, not surprisingly, the partnership is formed by many Public Administrations and Technical High Schools, which did not want to miss the opportunity for their students and newly graduates / newly qualified people. YouLMob aims to enable young people to experiment, to observe closely and from inside the world of work in an international context, both for training and counselling purposes in respect to their professional future. Today, we want to guide the choice of business/territorial fields, where the mobility experiences will be carried out, responding to the needs related to territory and to solicitation of receptive fields. Indeed, we have carried out reconnaissance specifications with the social partners and we have analyzed the documentation in response to surveys and previous professional training needs. We want to characterize this action with some innovative transnational and transversal elements: - GREEN SKILLS and ICT as the main element in the choice of foreign companies beyond the primary sector to which they belong; - Encouragement and DEVELOPMENT OF KEY COMPETENCES for lifelong learning; - Support and particular attention to YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FEWER OPPORTUNITIES and/or at risk of exclusion. - RECOGNITION OF SKILLS ACQUIRED by young people in the context of mobility through reconstruction, description and validation in harmony with the EU recommendations, in particular EQF, ECVET and EQAVET and the Fornero Law that has given dignity for the first time to non- formal and informal learning environments. To each institution/address involved, we associate learning experiences that constitute school and/or training credit, that can enrich our young people with at least one competence/performance specification among those recognized in the Directory of Professionals Careers at the regional level or in national registers in partners' perspective to produce new skills for local and European employment. Working for the objectives of the EU 2020 strategy, we think of inclusive growth, so attention and particular stimulus will be given to young migrants , belonging to groups with fewer opportunities, including roms, and vulnerable social groups. We must begin by young people, who, with YouLMob, will have equal opportunities for personal growth through a deep linguistic-cultural professional preparation on the destination country and 30 days internship abroad for students and 3 months for school-leavers and graduates in SMEs in the EU. They can develop the life skills needed to be full citizens and to integrate more quickly into the world of work. YouLMob, therefore, is in line with the objectives of the Youth Guarantee, it responds to the needs of competitiveness and internationalization of our business and, at the same time, it offers young people tools to grow as individuals and enter the world of work with better prospects and with a portfolio of experience and validated recognizable and legible skills, in the contexts of education, training and work. YouLMob picks the tip to apply ECVET not only to language training, but also to internship experience of training, spreading its application to the non-formal learning contexts. The Countries of destination expected for participants are Spain, the Netherlands, Malta, UK, Germany, and Portugal.



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