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Young Europeans - Youth and Information
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The experience of young volunteers with the European Voluntary Service is good not only for their personal development, but also for the development of the whole community. The aim of the project "Young Europeans - Youth and Information" was to offer them the opportunity for personal development and informal learning, and also to show young people from Prostejov possibilities which young people have thanks to EVS and Erasmus +. On the one hand volunteers share their (French and Spanish) culture with all project participants, on the other hand, they were acquainted with the local culture, and so there was a mutual enrichment and start intercultural cooperation. The volunteers in the project learned to express their thoughts, emotions and experiences. They had the opportunity to learn how to manage their work and leisure time, participate in the activities of the Youth Information Centre (they had plenty of opportunities to learn to search for information and present them, to communicate and collaborate within the social networks, the Internet, etc.). The project was attended by volunteer from Spain and two volunteers from France. Spanish and French spent in the Czech Republic (Prostejov) 11 months, and since the project was planned for each volunteer for 12 months, we used the remaining days and invite another volunteer from France to come for a little over two months. The volunteers stayed in the organization working with unorganized children and youth (aged 12-19) and have been in touch with clients of Youth Information Centre (ICM), which is also open to the general public (unemployed, mothers on maternity leave, and for seniors who participate eg. computer courses). The themes of their activities were mainly: Youth (participation, youth work, youth policy), EU citizenship, awareness of the EU and democracy and ICT - new technology - digital competence. The main activities of volunteers were their involvement in the activities of Youth Information Centre, creating their own activities and miniprojects for young people and the general public (workshops, discussions, contests, etc.) and the continuation of traditional activities of the organization and previous volunteers (e.g. presentation about EVS for elementary and secondary schools, writing blog, preparation of English newsletter E-Voices). Benefits of the project for volunteers are better employment opportunities, active experience in work with youth and the public and their overall development. The project also led to motivation of local communities to greater openness to foreigners and active citizenship of young people and also contributed to deepening the cooperation between partner organizations.



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