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Young Europeans Learning about Politics
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

According to research there is a need for Yelp. Voter turnout in Europe is declining; membership in political parties is shrinking. There is a lack of interest in political and social life, and there is incapacity of youngsters to define their own political views. The Teaching and Learning Survey shows there is a need of high quality and well-trained teachers because they have an important influence on ensuring that learners develop the skills and competences by a rapidly changing global labour market. Therefore Yelp will invest in activities and student and teacher training to promote European Citizenship. YELP (Young Europeans Learning about Politics) is a project for innovation and cross-fertilisation and spread of EU content aimed to promote discussion and reflection on EU issues and to enhance knowledge about the EU and its processes in a way to achieve active European citizenship.The aim of YELP is to develop a learning pathway concerning implementation of the issues Europe and politics in the curriculum of European students and to create lessons, learning resources and tools to promote discussion, reflection on EU issues and to enhance knowledge about the EU and its processes. YELP will widen the interest in politics by training the students as communicators and as ‘think tankers’ in specific matters such as environment, employment, education and poverty topics. The aim of YELP is to promote the Europe 2020 strategy by organising seminars and dissemination activities in order to capture the audience’s attention to very important European matters. YELP will train students in how they can become involved in the decision-making process by expressing their views. YELP gives students a chance to discuss, open debate and understand what the EU citizenship is and what their duties and rights are. To form a civic society means to enable its citizens to take part in their life. Young people should be encouraged to take part in the decision-making process on different levels of the country and society management, particularly in local societies. This project aims to engage in the above mentioned process, also in political rehabilitation by providing proper knowledge, setting the pattern and abilities and develop the necessary skills and competences.They will create together their visions for our future. Yelp is also aimed at strengthening the professional profile of the teaching personnel and the school policy. During the YELP-project teachers will be trained on important topics to assist students in their learning process to active European citizenship, such as ICT, CLIL, inclusion and non-formal education methods. Four European partner schools from all over Europe will organise various trainings and activities in which not only teachers and 4000 pupils aged 12-18 of vocational, technical and general education, but also the parents and the community will be involved. All activities and trainings are organised to enhance active European Citizenship among a wider public. Starting on their own school level a school parliament will be installed to organise a “Two star and a wish” election. Results of the national school elections will initiate the “European School Vision”. In a “Yes we care competition” students produce a creative product to show that they really care about Europe and politics. Thanks to international conferences with MEP think tanks on the four European key issues (education, environment, poverty and employment) a “Europe 2020 Revision” made by European youth will be handed over to the European Parliament. To draw media and public attention to other important European topics of citizenship such as sports and the climate a European flash mob “Dance for the climate” and a “European Awareness Run” will be organised. Because of the importance of entrepreneurship in citizenship a workshop on European entrepreneurship will be organised. We want to be the type of school which does not only teach but also educates. Using this project, we want to contribute to the process of political socialisation through education and make youngsters more aware of their responsibilities. We also want to involve respected individuals and organisations in shaping youngsters’ attitudes. Thanks to the developed learning pathway and the educational class material about Europe and politics we will not only increase the knowledge, skills and competences of the students involved in the project but also future students will gain from YELP. Yelp is the ‘student connector’, ‘parent connector’, ‘community connector’ and ‘business connector’, which not only the partner schools but also the whole community need. Yelp will not only provide youngsters with knowledge, skills and competences, but will also invest in necessary trainings for teachers to achieve active European citizenship. Yelp is a concrete, ambitious but realistic project designed on the needs of all partner schools to empower European youth and teachers.



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