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Young Entrepreneurs on Start!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Erasmus Plus project "Young Entrepreneurs on Start!” will be conducted in the partnership of six secondary schools from Poland, Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Germany and Turkey. The aim of the project is to cooperate and share the learning and teaching knowledge and experiences in the field of entrepreneurship and thus, to help students enter the European labour market equipped with competences and skills obtained during their work in the school Entrepreneurship Clubs, as well as during their meetings with local and foreign entrepreneurs and mentors. Our project focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, sense of initiative, creativity and managing skills among its participants, so that they are sufficiently equipped with necessary knowledge and skills, preparing them for their working life and requirements of the labour market. Before starting our project studies, we held a preparatory visit in Spain with the participation of contact persons from Poland, Turkey, Spain and Slovakia. During this visit we discussed the main goals of our project and designed basic guidelines which became a framework for our later work on the application form. We began to search for some new partners, as well, using especially the eTwinning site. The project is designed for a two year period while we will cooperate both virtually and personally in order to reach our goals: in every participating school there will be a Young Entrepreneurs' Club created where the students and teachers will work together and study on the project topics. The Clubs will closely cooperate using all the possible ways of communication (social networks, the internet, online calls, common websitew). The students and teachers will also have an opportunity to work together during 4 Learning/Teaching/Training short-term student exchanges (approx. 23 students at each). During them, the participants will have an opportunity to study on the given topics, to practice their foreign language skills, to work in mixed teams as well as to visit the local businesses, to talk to the local entrepreneurs and to compare their knowledge and experience. The students and teachers’ work and studies in the given countries will concern the following topics: Creating a business plan, Human resources, Marketing and Communication competences, time and team management. There will be two transnational meetings for the coordinators held during the project duration. They will review the general schedule of the project, clarify the evaluation criteria for the implementation and assessment of the project, its final products and the contribution of the project to the students' key competences. The management team will also discuss the distribution of the project tasks among all the participating countries, all the activities (including surveys to assess the students‘ progress and monitoring all the products) and the means of its dissemination. The project coordinators together with all the participating teachers will be in charge of the formal course of the project and the rest of tasks is completed by the students. Thanks to this multicultural project we will be able to lead our students to international cooperation to widen their horizons in the field of entrepreneurship, mainly to provide them not only with the theoretical background but also with the practical experience in this field. Through their cross-country cooperation and personal experience of the real local businesses, the students and teachers will benefit from the participation at the project, not to mention the cultural and cross-cultural awareness that will enable them to broaden their minds and capabilities, as well as their performance, communication and language skills. The project will be beneficial not only for the students but also for the teaching staff. They will be in constant communication, discussing the project issues, sharing their experiences in the project topics and cooperating with all the partners when preparing the basic project content. They will have to work with a set of indicators of achievement, both quantitative and qualitative, which they will use to measure both the project quality and the fulfilment of the objectives and results. Among the basic results, there are expected tangible and intangible outcomes: functional Entrepreneurs' Clubs in all participating schools, consisting of students and teachers, a webpage with all the information about the participating business clubs and our common project results (e.g. business plans, posters and other promotional materials, team-building activities, instructional videos, etc.), a detailed guidebook for the future entrepreneurs, panel discussions with professionals and experts and all the outcomes obtained during them (photos, students’ reports, etc.) All the possible problems will be discussed and everything done throughout the project will be uploaded to our website. All partners will be in contact, providing each other with necessary support.



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