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Young Citizens in Armenia
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXTThe volunteer will be involved in the main youth program on active citizenship of the Foundation (Young Citizens of Armenia). We are concerned with negative trends and deficiencies proliferating in Armenia. The “Young Citizens of Armenia” project seeks to remedy these deficiencies. First of all, it is about the fragility of the political situation in Armenia which has taken its toll particularly on young Armenians. This especially becomes current with the view of Armenia’s adhesion to the Eurasian Economic Union at the expense of the Association Agreement with the EU which has left a number of young people frustrated and with no hope for new opportunities in Armenia. While the young people in Armenia are very much interested in bringing a positive change to their society. On the other hand, the disengagement from politics is a disengagement from a certain type of system, a certain type of culture or 'world' of the elites. In this context, the project aims to engage the young Armenians in a process of directing their will for creating a positive change into a meaningful action. Secondly, the deficiency in critical skills in young Armenians is usually associated with the heritage of an out-dated Soviet education system. Our project aims to develop these critical faculties in the project participants. Thirdly, Armenia is in a difficult economic situation. It has closed borders on two sides of the country, it has few natural resources apart from dangerous and destructive mining, and, most prominently, it is driven with monopolies which choke small business and free trade. It is imperative for young Armenians to start to create their own economic opportunities and to fight against a broken economic system. The project aims at developing critical awareness and initiative taking in young Armenians in movement towards more participative, accountable and active Armenian society. PROJECTWe will send two French volunteers to the KASA centres in Yerevan and Gumri during 11 months.This project aims at developing young people's participation and social inclusion in Europe. It will also be an oppotunity for them to discover different cultures. Volunteers will participate to activities which foster social inclusion for young Armenians. They will contribute to activities with an European dimension and encourage echanges and intercultural dialogue. ACTIVITIES- Organize and lead Youth Clubs on different themes - Carry out projects and events linked to French-speaking countries- Contribute to developping the website (articles, translations…)- Promote the French library- Assist in the running of the « cinéclub » - Take part to weekly team meetings - Contribute to youth activitiesVolunteers will gain a unique experience and have an opportunity to discover Armenian language and culture. This will contribute to their personal development and be a plus for their future social an professional inclusion



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