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Young and Rebellious
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the frame of our project we want to organize a long-term European Voluntary Service for 2 volunteers from Spain, 1 Turkish women and 1 volunteer from Ukraine.Volunteers will work in the Youth Educational Centre, Special Education Centre, School Complex Gymnasium (for youth at risk of social exclusion) and the Akwedukt Association. The main objective of the project is to increase the ability of volunteers to work with disabled youth, at risk of exclusion and volunteers in Poland. By staying in Poland volunteers develop professionally (working with different groups), socially (living with volunteers from other countries, working in an international environment) and empowerment (living alone in a foreign country, cooking alone, shopping, managing their budget, time, etc.).Besides residents of Kwidzyn will breake down stereotypes towards other nationalities, particularly to Turkey and Muslims. We assume that being with the volunteers is a very safe and natural way of learning, and learning to commune with otherness.Sending organizations are: Organization Oficina de Acción Solidaria y Cooperación de la UAM (volunteer Eva Castillo Rosa), the Organisation for Youth ART from Turkey (volunteer Seda Kivanc), Organization of Ukraine "Iskra" (volunteer Maksym Kopystko), Asociación Building Bridges of Madrid ( Rosario Ruiz Rubio).The project is designed so that the volunteers can observe the work of the organizations, slowly join in the work of the facility to finally organize own activities. Thanks to that volunteers acquire specific knowledge and skills that will also be verified during their stay in Poland.Another aspect will be increasing openness to otherness of people working with volunteers. With EVS they will experience working with individuals representing different experience of life, the way you work, etc.. By creating projects together these people and volunteers will be able to control their own development and learn from each other, which will contribute to achieving the objectives of the project.The last indirect target group are citizens of Kwidzyn and Malbork. Citizens will learn what are other cultures, eradicating stereotypes and get to know their otherness in life, work and learning.Regional dimension of the project is the idea of organizing a meeting for Pomeranian EVS organizations and volunteer. Thanks to this action we want to exchange experiences of volunteer coordinators, give the opportunity to meet EVS volunteers and the exchange of experiences, ideas for activities in Poland. The highlight of the meeting will, however, participation of youth from all over the province, which will have the opportunity for a personal experience of being voluntary. We want young people to know foreign and local volunteers (young people from Kwidzyn and Malbork), know the essence of volunteering and learn what is EVS and how to get involve in any volunteers service.



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