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Young and Employed
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Young and Employed will take place during 14th and 25th of July 2014 in the Beskids Mountains, nearby the town Ostravice. There will be 10 different countries taking part: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Sweden, all together 68 participants, counting also 15 leaders. It is a youth exchange, which will deal with the issue of youth unemployment. The main aims of this project are: introduction of possibilities, which are provided by the European union for young people - volunteering, internships, international exchanges, working mobility, so on. The next aim is to introduce to youngsters how to write your own CV, how to prepare for an interview. We also aim to support entrepreneurial spirit by introduction of young people, who are successful in what they do. The last aim is to support intercultural learning, removal of prejudices and support of tolerance. With this project we aim to young unemployed people or young people, who are currently students but they think about their future and they would like to incorporate experience with this project into their CVs. During project we will use different methods - empirical learning, methods of informal education, different workshops, during which participants will discuss, they will also try role-playing. There will be also trips to Frydek-Mistek, Ostrava and to the Lysa Hora Hill. We will also conduct non-traditional outdoor activities - teambuilding activities, visit of rope centre, archery and water skiing. We also work with the method of so called "national evening", during which participants introduce their countries and so that they learn about new cultures through non-formal learning. The outcome of our project will be a brochure as well as a movie. In brochure will be summed up the most important points and activities, which might helo also other young people. We hope, that our project will help young people to enter the job market easily and that it will help them become apart from the others job applicants. The impact of our project should be mainly on the participants, project should help them by writing a CV, it should help them understand better the opportunities given by the EU and also help them support ideas of young people.



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