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You(th) Citizen in Action
Date du début: 4 mai 2015, Date de fin: 4 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We believe that young people are not only the future but that they can be important actors for social change today. Young people have been in the driver seat of many important social movements in the last decades. Most people want to have a say about what happens in the world they live in, about political decisions that have an immediate impact on their daily life, like their ‘urban’ space, their own neighbourhood and city. The aim of this project was to provide youth and youth workers with those mentioned competences and to set up bottom-up actions with young people. These actions advocate more urban civic participation to obtain inclusive policy making in their living space. In order to achieve this goal we have put forward the following objectives: - Learn about active participation in order to influence policy making; - Gain insight through analysing urban policy making in different cities - Learn how to approach the specific investigated public space keeping in mind all its aspects and the different stakeholders. - Discuss how youth can be involved in policy making through citizen initiatives; - Analyse how bottom-up activities work in different countries; - Visit good practices aiming at influencing policy making; - Learn how to set up successful citizens initiatives; - Develop and Implement actions aimed at influencing policy; - Make an action plan for local actions when returning to their own reality and provide a platform to encourage the exchange of their actions. The project took place in Brussels gathering 33 participants from 11 different European countries. We used Non-Formal Education methodologies to explore the topics. A booklet was created to disseminate the outcomes of the project.



10 Participants partenaires