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You(th) @ Active Play: Active Engagement in the Social and Public Life (Group EVS 2013)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013,

You(th) @ Active Play: Active Engagement in the Social and Public Life (Group EVS 2013) is a Group EVS Program organized in Rijswijk, The Netherlands.This project aims to help young people to awaken their role as an Active Citizen by crossing the borders of their own mind set up, language and culture and stretching their hands to the “other” (engagement) which are a first step to the concept of Active Citizenship. This project promotes intercultural learning experience, encouraging social integration and widening the perspective of the young people to employability. Through a creative program the young step into solidarity and stimulate their creative and innovative thinking through sports and recreative outdoor activities for children (4-16 years). This program aims and has the potential to give young people a first experience of European Voluntary Service promoting intercultural learning and European awareness in a mixed group experience. The program takes place in Rijswijk near The Hague, from 4 August to 1September 2013. A group of 24 volunteers (out which 12 volunteers will be young people with fewer opportunities) from 12 countries will take active part in the summer holiday activities (Vakantiebos) in the multicultural youth centre Rijswijk. Vakantiebos (activities with children) and the activities as a group in Don Boscohuis Rijswijk will ensure that the learning takes place not only on an individual basis but also in a group.



12 Participants partenaires