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You(th) are Europe!
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project You(th) are Europe is a long-term European Voluntary Service project organized by the Accademia Europea di Firenze, acting as coordinating and sending organization, in partnership with United Society of Balkans, as receiving NGO.The project last 16 months, from 1st August 2015 to 1st Decembre 2016 with a 12-months stay of two Italian volunteers in the Greek mentioned organization with several activities to develop and organize, related to youth policies and initiatives.The main idea of the project was developed in the framework of a former Leonardo Programme action, in order to enforce the networking and cooperation with a concrete follow-up activity. The reflection about youth field and implementation of youth project brought the involved organization to focus their action on empowering young people to get expertise and know-how in order to develop and manage European projects for youth in different programs and funding opportunities, starting from their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.Given that, the project settled the following objectives- raise awareness about the youth work field, focusing on youth opportunities provided by youth organization thanks to European programs;- learn in depth, gain expertise and know-how in Erasmus+ programs, canalizing the sense of initiatives and entrepreneurial spirit in a peer solidarity approach, i.e. Youth advocating for youth- boost web promotion on all social networks and platforms, networking in the youth field, sharing creative learning documents and multimedia products related with European projects advantages and outcomes; - promote Erasmus+ programme, focusing on European Voluntary Service as key experience at intercultural level but mainly as learning mobility practice to help self-development and pro-action, ensuring a better approach in job finding and future learning approach.According to this objectives, we proposed the following activities to the volunteers, taking into account that they will choose and organize their experience according to their interests and learning goals:- organize creative workshops and cultural events in the framework of learning mobility and EU awareness, addressing youth challenging, issues and opportunities with non-formal methods and digital tools, including the production of multimedia contents such as photo, video to use for expo and social campaigns. Particularly the volunteers can create newsletters about Erasmus+ project, be testimonial for the Evs experience with events in the community and in USB daily activities, preparing videos or social campaign related to mobility, organize art events or photo expo, open day about Erasmus+ and developing a personal project related with EU awareness and culture.- web media communication, dissemination of European initiatives and opportunities for young people, with video, photo, newletters of other youth projects in the region, exploring the viral techniques of communication on social media; moreover there is the possibility the possibility to start their own web radio program about youth mobility and awareness about European Union initiatives for young people. The ideal number of participants is 2 Italian youngsters, possibly ensuring gender balance, coming from rural areas or deprived urban areas; the volunteer should be likely to to be pro-active, able to communicate in English and show a strong interest in the youth field; we will give priority to NEET. This EVS project is based on non-formal learning methodology, learning by doing and peer to peer exchange, supported by mentors and tutors which will ensure a very participatory approach and self-arrangement of learning objectives, coherent with the project ones. The key point of the project is the entrepreneurial spirit and the job related skills which the volunteer are likely to develop: pro-action, effective problem solving, creative designing and basic project management, planning and scheduling, lobbying and advocacy, territorial and international cooperation, intercultural team-work. This interactive dimension of the volunteering experience will empower both organizations and participants, giving an added value to the project outcomes and enhancing follow-up initiatives in the youth work field. At local level, the promotion of mobility opportunities and EU awareness will be an added value for the youth of Thessaloniki, which are facing a very hard time since the financial crisis started, with very strong consequences and difficulties at individual and social levels. The chance to learn more about mobility experiences and Erasmus+ programme, reading and sharing the contents promoted by volunteers will encourage them also to participate to upcoming free workshops proposed and supported by USB volunteers and EVS, with art techniques which are always very attractive, developing creativity and generating a multipier effect and more active participation in the community.



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