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You're up : renforcer le leadership des jeunes pour une parole citoyenne européenne
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Scouts et Guides de France offer to their members aged from 14 to 17, to become actors for the raising of European citizenship. This project, “strengthening youth leadership for a European youth commitment”, is for the eldest of this category of youth, from 16 and 17 years old. 1 200 youngsters (16-17 years old), 600 leaders (18-25 years old) and 150 organizers (18-35 years old), being 1 950 persons in total, are targeted by a preparatory national seminar in november 2014, and 130 youngsters and 30 leaders are targeted by a transnational seminar un july 2015. These youngsters will be elected as young representatives to lead a political dialogue with decision-makers. This project responds to the needs observed, in terms of leadership capacities of youngsters of 16-17 of age: discovering Europe by meeting young Europeans, experiencing democracy, and developing capacities to co-build youth policies with decision-makers. After a national seminar in November 2014 on leadership at 16-17 years old and on intercultural dialogue, youth groups everywhere in France will prepare, during the school year, the European transnational seminair planned for July 2015. It will call 15 000 youngsters ans 3000 leaders in Strasbourg, form July 16th to 23rd. More than 10 000 French and 5 000 European teenagers will participate. This large event will give the youth the opportunity to experience citizenship on several aspects: - Building together a commitment on European policies for youth - Experiencing democracy through election of young representatives - Representing a group - Leading a dialog with decision-makers - Co-building a youth policy between youth and decision-makers The teenagers will be divided into 30 “villages”, and will experience a democratic life during 8 days, build a declaration on youth commitments for Europe, chose their representatives. These representatives (around 130) will run a debate during a whole day with euro-deputies in the European Parliament, and together they will elaborate a declaration on European youth policy, and commitments from youth and decision-makers. The young scouts and guides from 16 and 17 years old, trained on leadership in November, will be expected to run for this election as young representatives. At the end of the project, the declaration will be handed in to the president of the European Parliament. Back to their home town and home country, the young leaders will be encouraged to call out to the local decision makers, to hand them in the joint declaration, and to prove them that youth is able to be a privileged partner of local policies. This project will give the opportunity to the young participants to become citizens aware of European issues, able to elaborate a contribution to a public policy, and to call out to decision makers. It will also give decision makers the opportunity to become aware of the political capacity of youth, and to enhance their trust in youth.



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