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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a world that is rapidly coming to terms with the realisation that countries need each other to establish a healthy economy and prosperity, we believe that students can contribute their skills to this goal and learn a tremendous amount when interning with companies or institutions in another European country. We want to seize the opportunity of international cooperation and see the positive results through students who have gone before. Every year we intend to send out about 30 students for different periods of time, who will do their work placements in the fields of Economics, Health Care and Social Work. We stimulate students to broaden their horizon, but select potential students strictly, based on their personal performance and progress at school, their communication skills and character. We have noticed that many students who participated in international exchanges have felt the impact in their careers, whether it be study choices or work possibilities. Many have gone on to choose a career path that involves international contact or business. Some even decide to work abroad. The aim of this project is to make sure we can contine down this line of success. Through more international experiences we hope to use students in the dissemination of effect and result when they return from their internship. Also a sense of continuity in this phase of progress is really important because we want to achieve that an international internship is a given at our school, a sure possibility students and staff can apply for when they know how to express their wishes and learning goals. Another objective is to spend more time on building a relationship with the local institutions who provide work placements for our international students. A better relationship and communication adds to higher quality of the traineeship because both parties know what is expected from them and they become more experienced in working with foreign students and the ECVET Tools. Students and staff use the time of their international internship to acquire international working experience. This is done through job-shadowing, specific assignments at the work placement and evaluating with the work placement tutor abroad. Some students need to do final examinations during their internship as well, in that case the mentor or work placement tutor of the student at home is responsible for the correct conducting of the final examination. The aim of the staff mobilities is to continue the possibility for staff traineeships outside the project-based exchanges. The expected impact on the participants is that they develop personally and socially, they obtain all sorts of skills they can use later on in their lives. They have broadened their horizon by learning through observing the work field in a different environment and they developed a zest for international cooperation and have gained insight in the possibilities of working in a global community. The expected impact on the participating organisations and target groups is that they gain insight in different working methods. They also learn that the way they work is not the only way possible, and by teaching foreign students their way of working they might stop to consider why they do certain things a certain way and open up to new possibilities. The expected impact on staff is that they apply and implement what they have seen and learned in their work as a teacher or a professional. This way they can enhance the situation at the organisation they work for or inspire and enlighten students in class with what they have seen abroad. On the long term we want to show that the world has a lot to offer and that students and staff can contribute to a society in which countries work together and achieve more through relevant communication.



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