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You. & M.E. - Youth and Media in Europe
Date du début: 25 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 24 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project You. & M.E. will take place in Palermo from October 6th to 14th, due to Maghweb and to the kind cooperation of Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia), "Fekete Sereg" Ifjùsàgi Egyesület (Hungary) and Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée (France), making a total of six participants + 1 Youth leader per association. Starting from integration between different cultures who coexist inside and outside the Eurozone's boundary lines, which is a strong point of Europe Policy's agenda, Maghweb believes that is necessary to focus on minority groups and how information and communication's fruition changes depending on media and on the users. For this purpose, You. & M.E. will cooperate with youngsters aged 18 to 30, also from disadvantaged social-cultural communities: as a matter of fact, through this project Maghweb wants to involve participants in a mutual and horizontal dialogue about communication's styles and their impact on minority groups in Europe. Youngsters will share their experiences and their points of view. Considering their countries of origin and the differences between communication's approaches used in Eurozone countries, participants will examine information's language using a non-formal method, exploring how it can condition different cultures using it or being involved in it. Later, through activities based on ITC skills and sharing and exchanging good practices in information and communication, participants will support to express their own opinions and to create their own horizontal communication's strategy, close to minority groups, fostering integration e differences's value. During the exchange activities, youngsters will share good practices and ideas both in information and communication. These ideas and good practices will take an ideal configuration within a final work: a video newscast, completely made by youngsters, with interviews and news, combined with a vademecum about how information can be an integration tool, not a dispute one. The outcome will be shown to the local community during a public event in the city of Palermo, involving the local territory too. Realising the project, every single person inside Maghweb was directly involved; everyone's competencies and abilities have a point of convergence producing an idea in which everybody could be partner and could actually give their professional and personal contribution. Impact of the project will be on different levels according to how people can feel involved in it. Through the enhancement of intercultural awareness, participants will develop critical conscience about both different social realities and society's minority groups, deconstructing prejudices and stereotypes. Awareness about the territory and its opportunities will everyday have a moment of particular attention, also using ICT skills and citizen journalism and their promotion through creative and communicative activities. Communication's activities will be the key to promote efficient social initiatives. At the same time, Maghweb and all of the participants to You. & M.E. will improve the Erasmus + programme's awareness and its opportunities - like Youthpass – also through the development of both language and expressive's skills. Obviously, one of the main purposes will be to increase youngsters' self confidence, creativity and enterprising spirit both inside the UE and in social promotion's organisations. Through their youngsters, asssociations that will participate to the project will see the expanding of of a concrete cooperation's opportunity and exchange of competencies and experiences, empowering their role in the european social field, growing abilities and capabilities even to create a contacts network that will last for future projects. In order to achieve this results, You. & M.E. will privilege a kind of methodology related to non-formal education and needs based approaches, experiencial learning and peer-to-peer communication, developing empowerment and social inclusion, taking care of active involvement of local youngesters in the realisation activities.



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