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You can make it!
Date du début: 2 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Exchange "You can make it!" brought together 60 young people from Sweden, Estonia and Turkey for 10 days (10.-20. September 2015) to Karlstad, Sweden. Participants were aged between 16-30, mainly from rural areas and small towns who did not have a healthy lifestyle combined with several challenges in their lives. Carlstad Youth Association was the applicant and host organization. The project aimed to promote healthy lifestyle, improve participants mental and physical health and develop self-confidence. Concrete objectives were as followed: - Promotion of healthy lifestyle with focus on mental and physical health of participants - Building participants self-confidence and leadership skills through games and sport activities - Discovering new ways how to use sports/games to build trust, confidence, improve communication and cooperation skills and tackle gender issues - Encouraging participants to overcome their personal fears (like water, hight, not trusting other people etc) and take new challenges in life - Promotion of healthy lifestyle as a way of thinking, including mental health and care of environment - Sharing experiences between different countries to support healthy lifestyle - To get Swedish youth and youth in participating countries more involved in healthy lifestyle and build strong network between participants for healthy lifestyle network All activities carried out during the exchange were based on non-formal learning and carried out by participants themselves. Different methods were used, such as teamwork, role-play, discussions, meetings with expert, sport activities, individual tasks and activities like horse-back riding, rafting, abseiling and water-jumping. After the project participants have changed their approach: way of thinking and behaviour. When they return home we expect them to do more exercise, eat healthier and take care of their mental health (avoiding stress). They will work constantly on overcoming their challenges and fear and taking up new challenges and initiatives and inspiring others. Results were measured with questionnaire and process supported by buddy system and personal diary.



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