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You can be a hero!
Date du début: 12 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 11 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth exchange "You can be a hero" will gather 44 participants from Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Estonia. The project will be carried out in the region of Vilnius, in Lithuania in October. For 8 days our project will become a learning platform where people from different areas of Europe with high/medium/low percentage of people's engagement with voluntarism will be able to exchange and share good practices from their countries. This project is designed for active youngsters aged 17-28 that want to make a change in their society, who are interested in the topic of volunteering and ready to take active role in the project from its beginning till very end.Through this youth exchange we want to promote volunteering as a tool for self-development, to encourage young people to take an active role in their society and increase their sense of belonging to local community. 44 participants will be able to transform volunteering and civic engagement experience to value-defining opportunities for personal growth and citizenship development.We will introduce the context of active volunteering, together we will try to find new creative ways of promoting volunteering, we will identify direct connection between voluntarism and employment and we will exchange the realities from our societies. Whole concept of the project is fully based around the principle of non-formal education and learning by doing approach. The final working schedule will be built on the needs and expectations of selected participants - absolutely learner centred. Chosen methods are going to have a long-lasting effect on remembrance due to their creativity and interactivity. Erasmus+ and Youthpass key aspects will be promoted all along the project. By the end of the youth exchange there will be organized a big volunteering event that will be done in collaboration with local organizations and istitutions. Every participant will have a chance to get real volunteering experience in foreign country. Volunteering day will gather local youth and our participants that wil also have a discussion on the topic of voluntarism, exchanging own ideas and experiences. We expect that participants will improve life-long learning competencies that are important for their professional development and that will lead in future for stronger position on labour market. In order to promote results of this project, on the international day of volunteering participants will join/organise volunteering acitivities in their countries, as well as share the brochures (with the information on volunteering opportunities in participanting countries and across the world within Erasmus+ programme) that will be created during this project with input from each partner organisation.



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