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Yo Cocino Empleo
Date du début: 16 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 15 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Yo Cocino Empleo joins two needs that often are served from different levels: the lack of work and consequently the difficulties to meet basic food needs. Joins Nonprofit Institutions, private institutions, government agencies, restaurants, hotels and actors-project beneficiaries in the same endeavor: to fight against the "culture of dismissal". Une objectives: Accompany families in highly vulnerable in an itinerary of employment, while contributing to cover part of their basic food needs. The ultimate aim is that the family member who is unemployed meet the capabilities that allow you to have more chance of entering the labor market for the family situation display standard. This is essential to the empowerment of the individual, enhancing their skills, further their skills and self-esteem: the person is the true architect of his achievements. The project is aimed at families with unemployed members, with children in their care and who are at risk of social exclusion: -Young At risk or in social exclusion. -Young ne-ne. -Family Evicted. -People Without the support of family networks. -Families with a member with physical or intellectual disabilities. -Mothers who assume all dependents. Delivering food baskets menus and allows users to focus without distress in the job search. Supporting the provision of basic needs, the person can tip more and better in your search path covered by the social support we develop. We have the collaboration of hotels and restaurants solidarity, those who are committed to developing the number of menus that can offer. The menus are distributed daily in authorized facilities located in the area of Delicias. The families collect the menus, which vary in amount according to the number of members making up the family and take them home. Families regularly deliver a basket of basic food products, personal hygiene and household cleaning.



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