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YMCA youth work in Europe - Make Diversity Happen
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The past European Youth Worker Camps and the „European YMCA Treehouse Leaders Trainee Camp" 2015 are meant to lead to a better networking and to maintaining contacts of the YMCA Youth work within Europe. The aim of the project „YMCA Youth work in Europe“ – Make diversity happen is to come up to the urgent topic of diversity in youth work and society through experiential learning programs that constitute diversity as a central topic of the European YMCA Youth work. The project YMCA Youth work in Europe – Make diversity happen takes place from 8.-10. April 2016 and 23.-30. July 2016 in Michelstadt (Germany) with approximately 80 participants from 10 different countries.Young volunteers of the YMCA Youth work from various European countries are going to exchange about their experiences with youth working and set the main focus on inclusion and diversity in the YMCA Youth work. Due to this active exchange of experiences they are meant to learn about all different and matching points in their (Youth-) culture. Based on this knowledge, a better awareness of concepts and programs for youth working used in different countries is possible.The plenum carries out an “in-depth” discussion about diversity. In order to do so, in small groups the participants are going to present an exemplary project with disadvantaged persons out of their experience with youth working. In courses taking place on several days the participants are going to develop programs which are meant to reach and include disadvantaged adolescents through experiential learning programs in ambits like music, leisure sports and outdoor activities to come up to the challenges of inclusion and diversity.Working with these developed programs leads to an intense confrontation with topics like diversity and imparts new knowledge. The participants can use their developed programs in their own youth work, spread them in their associations and share them with other youth workers or provide them for an online material-database.The project promotes personal development of volunteering youth workers and improves quality development of Children- and Youth services in Europe.



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