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Yhteistyössä hyvinvoivaan kouluun - yhdessä viihtyen, ilolla oppien, maailmankansalaiseksi kasvaen
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Local Education and Culture Department of Sodankylä Municipality as a consortium applies Erasmus+ - KA1 funding for a project "With teamwork towards school satisfaction - enjoying together, learning with joy and growing into a global citizen." The consortium members are two basic education schools: Aleksanteri Kena School and Sompio School. These schools collaborate in several ways: shared teaching staff, mutual teams in pedagogical, international and safety matters and some study groups have pupils from both schools. After primary level all pupils continue their studying at Aleksanteri Kena School. Therefore it is important that the schools share common development objectives including well-being and joy of learning. Sodankylä municipal educational administration aims at establishing a learning-friendly, equal community in which prosperous learners have an active and responsible role and the personnel cooperates cross-sectorally in planning and accomplishing lifelong learning. The forthcoming curriculum will bring new challenges for Finnish schools. The personnel needs training for adopting the new concept of learning and pupil-centered teaching methods. Using technology in teaching and learning will have more and more important role. ICT-knowledge is a part of multi-literacy and a necessary skill in the future. Technology enables increasing of pupil-centered teaching, joy of learning and thereby adds school satisfaction. The whole school community is responsible of maintaining well-being and school satisfaction among pupils and staff - the student welfare team and support students have a keyrole in it. The personnel has to acquire training to root the global thinking and sustainable lifestyle as a part of the curriculumn. Training abroad develops language skills of the personnel which makes it easier to start cooperation with other European schools. The activities in this project consist of training courses for 20 members of the personnel in different European countries and a job shadowing activity for one language teacher in Spain. Preliminary choices of the persons attending to the activities are made in consortium member schools and in the consortium including two heads of school, seven class teachers, three special teachers, seven subject teachers, one school social worker and the head of the Local Education and Culture Department. Attending the project activities allows the personnel to network with European colleagues and find new ways and strategies to teach and learn.The language skills of the participating personnel improve and the willingness to start eTwinning projects increases. The process and carrying out the project activities are monitored by a steering group which has regular meetings to ensure that all participants get all necessary information and guiding well in advance. The steering group develops written guidelines and requires that they are followed accurately. Training courses and job shadowing activity have to correspond to project objectives and meet the needs of the consortium. Every participant commits to share all the achieved information and knowledge. The project will contribute to achieving the priority objectives of the consortium: a learning-friendly, equal community which supports well-being. The consortium member schools have frequent cooperation and the development objectives are similar in both schools so that all primary level pupils possess similar knowledge, skills and attitudes when continuing their studies at secondary level. The consortium member schools will both have a functional cross-sectoral student welfare team - school social workers, special teachers, school heads - working with high quality after adopting new methods and ideas through training. The numbers of early school leaving and the amount of sickleaves will be reduced. eTwinning will become a collaboration tool between the consortium schools and European partner schools. Meeting European colleagues in training courses or job shadowing activity will ease the starting of new projects. The language skills will be improved. Global thinking will be an essential part of the curriculum. Both consortium members will activate all the ideas and methods achieved in training courses and job shadowing period to develop and improve school satisfaction: joy in learning, motivation, diverse use of technology as a tool in learning, active participation of pupils and well-being of all the people working and learning at schools.



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