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Yetişkin Eğitiminde Görev Alan Eğiticilerin Androgojinin İlkeleri Konusunda Eğitilmeleri projesi
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project is prepared in order to educate the educators about Androgogy principles who use traditional methods in adult education. Participants will be chosen through educators who gives vocational training to adults in adult educationcenters. Although, the participants have the vocational qualification they do not know how to transfer the knowledge to them. Thus, inefficiencies and unconformity occurs in course environment. At the end of the project with learning the Androgogy Principles, the participants will use these methods in the course environment. Training program includes Androgogy Principles have theoretical and practical parts. There is no training program in schools of Turkey about Androgogy Principles. Because of this reason new teaching methods will be transferred to our country. The educations will be held in Sweden and Italy at the vocational institutions that give adult education. Apart from our center there are 4 partner institutions in the project. Mobility activities will continue 7 day sand 48 participants will join. There will be 3 mobility activities and 16 person will be sent in each flow. When the project starts the promotion and information meetings will be held. After choosing the participants preparation activities will be held. In preparation activities, with meetings, leaflets and materials the participants will be supported. In the course of mobility activity, apart from education program there will be various trips under the guidance of hosting partner. Surveillance reports will be prepared from the start of the project to the end and the process will be monitored. Our project portal will be used actively. Through the portal; project activities will be introduced, information and data sharing will be done and the questionnaires that is filled by participants will be submitted. In the scope of dissemination activities, meetings will be held, project posters will be used, press releases and cds will be distributed. Board of Directors have the responsibility of executing the activities. The tasks of sending and hosting partners are determined. Board of Directors take necessary measures according to the reports of Surveillance and Evaluation Commission. Our basic expectation at the end of the project is transferring the new teaching methods to our institutions and improving the perfection of educators. The modern approaches that takes adults in center will be applied in courses that continues in adult education centers. Besides, the national and international institutional capacity of our centers will be improved.



6 Participants partenaires