Rechercher des projets européens

Yetişkin Eğitimi Kurumları Öğretmenleri ve Yöneticilerinin Yurt Dışında Hizmet içi Eğitimi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The coordinator institution of the project named “ The trainings of the teachers and the managers in Adult Education Institutions in abroad " is Azize Kahraman Public Education Center and Aso(The Turkish initials of “Evening Art School”) The partners of the project are totaly 3 institutions with Konyaaltı Public Education Center and Kepez Çamlıbel Public Education Center. The number of the number of the participants is 18. In the consortium we have emerged among the institutions that are based on adult education in our region, we have determined our needs as the teachers and the managers for the trainings. They are; helping our students to get good knowledge, skills and experience for self improvement and employment, enhancing our proffessional development, having the chance of learning English and other European languages on its own land, raising awareness to the other cultures, creating international European Citizenship Identity, contributing the economy by fostering the labor and productivity in vocational and adult education. In order to get the knowledge and skills, we are planning to get Human Resources Management, Strategy Planning and Institutional Identity, Leadership and Motivation for our managers, and to get Creative Communication in a foreign language, New Approaches in language teaching to Adults, e-learning and the usage of new technology in classrooms(ICT tools) for our language teachers. An assistant manager from each participating institution is going to be the contact person of the project and all the assistant managers who are the contact people are going to constitute a project executive team. Sometimes, this team is going to meet in face to face meetings and sometimes or in an emergency, the team is going to meet via telephone conversations, via skype or via e-mails.The team is going to analyze what kind of trainings the managers and teachers need. The team is also going to decide the planning of which managers and teachers will take which courses in which term. Moreover, the team is going to make all the plannings and required works so that the team is going to prevent any problems that may happen during the trainings. After the trainings that they get in abroad, there will be many useful effects both on the teachers and the managers and thus on education. First of all, by the help of the trainings, the teachers will be more conscious to use student centered approaches and modern pedagogical approaches efficiently. Secondly, by means of the trainings, in each era of education, basic and diagonial skills like multilingualism, digital skills and using the techniques of appropriate evaluation and documentation is going to spread. Also, by getting the experience and the certificates, the teachers and the managers can have a chance to create new opportunities in their proffessional careers. Moreover, a remarkable concern will be on their motivation. Thanks to the trainings, they all feel more equipped with the knowledge in their field, hence they will be more motivated and more satisfied for their jobs. Besides, the other beneficial effect of the trainings will be on students, traniees, apprentices, adult students, young people and volunteers. Cos, by means of the trainings, the teachers and the managers will be more qualified in their proffessional lives that their lessons and thus the education of the participant institutions will be more attractive and fullfilling. In addition to these, the participants from the institutions will fulfill their needs in foreign languages. They will broaden their knowledge and abilities in the languages. Furthermore, with the help of the great contribution of the trainings, the exchange of experiences among participants from different countries during the trainings will help them understand cultural diversities. In the evaluation stage of the project, the questionnaires that are carried out during the project will be assessed, a website will be built in order to disseminate and introduce the project to many people, brochures, handbooks and CDs will also be prepared to spread the project to the other adult education institutions by means of The National Education Administrations.