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Yetişkin Eğitimciler AB yolunda
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project that is as a branch of the dynamism of the people’s learning (in Erasmus+) is for adult education personal. Participants will be chosen through educators who gives vocational training to adults in adult educationcenters. General purpose of the project is contributeto integration of the education models used in common public with adult education approaches. There are so many differences between children’s and adult’s learning and teaching styles. But in many (ours of course) common public education centers , some educational models based on pedagogical approaches is used. In consequence, these method that is not suitable for adults’ social, psychological and cultural background decreases the quality of the common education. There are collective agreement for teaching or learning and so an helping relationship in androgogic approach. Adults’ past experiences and practises are opportunity for androgogic approach. Adults’ needs lead to be decided the content of the learning. Androgogy presents a problem solving based approach to us, not a content based approach. This project aims to make our participants’ vocational skill,knowledge and ability developed. Thanks to this aim, educational activities done in the common public centers will be planned,applied and evaluted according to adult education approaches. So , the quality of education will increase. Also this development in our human resources makes our corporational capacity increased. Because as an education center, our labour force reflects the quality of our activities directly. We and our local partners gain a collaboration and a great experience at EU standards with this project. We will have an opportunity for comparing our condition with our main partner which is an adult education center . The vocational development of the participants will be reported to the other adult education personals. So both knowledge and experience will be shared and the quality of common education will upgrade. In direction of these aims, it is planned that the participants will take an education about the theory, application and observation of androgogic approach in Dorsten-Germany, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Pragua-Czech Republıc for and Marbella-Spain 2 weeks.