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Yetişikin Eğitimi Alanında Görev Alan Eğiticilerin AB Ülkelerinde Becerilerinin Arttırılması
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project aims to help 15 participants chosen by our institution in groups of three get required education and experience in European Union countries listed below. *Information and Communication Technologies in adult education *Student centred teaching methods, *Career guidance in adult education, *Innovative methods in foreign language and multiculturalism, *Modernization of education environtment On return to homeland ,we expects our participant introduce what they have learnt in European Union education practise with not only our own institution but also with other adult education instiutions spreaded in the region; in this way we also intend to to make educational instiutions around highly modernised and updated. Our principal goal is, with a relationship with the European Union countries, to modernise and the missions of our institutions and approach the view of internationalism. When doing so , our instution will work in line with a detailed European Development Plan. The project team that will be gathered after a meeting held at the beginning of the process will be responsible for the project to be applied till the end. All the steps-which are preparation ,implementation, evaluation and dissemination will be organized by this team. In the preparation step , there will be introductory meetings in the region to help the project widely known and some detailed information will be published both on our website and on the regional newspapers. A survey of current situation of institution will be carried on and,after determining current educational cirriculum, methods and tools, this survey will be negotiated with our staff in order to reach a consensus on a new educational input. Throgh the project process,all the staff will attend to meetings, seminars and among them there will be chosen fifteen of them in the most democratic way to be sent abroad. This chosen staff will cooperate with our project team both on educational and logistic matters such as selection the best courses fit our institution, visa, accomodition, legal permission matters from beginning to end. Our participants will daily report their experiences and all the documents they gather. Our each participant will get a Europass Mobility Certificate . We will,in cooperation with other instituons' and schools' staff, share all these documents,reports, and information to get prepared for a higher modernisation. Also we will create a booklet in which there will be an overall explanation of the mobility process and experiences acquired; this booklet will also shed light to the modernisation done in the educational cirriculum, methods and tools. This booklet will be delivered to other regional associations in order to help the project be widely known. With this project, our educational relationship to European Union Countries will have an international identity, the experiences acquired will transform the current educational input to more modern view and our participants who are to get introduced with new cultural perspectives, will be enlightened.