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YES - Youth Employability Skills
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“YES – Youth Employability Skills” is a long term EVS project which focuses on long term unemployed youngsters who want to improve their practical skills while doing their EVS tasks at Olde Vechte and a variety of organisations in and around Ommen. Olde Vechte Foundation functions as a host and coordinating organisation for the EVS volunteers. This project is exclusively for youngsters who are unemployed for more than twelve months, who are lower educated (vocational education), are NEET youngsters and who fit one or more criteria of less opportunity by the Erasmus+ program.We apply for 18 young volunteers. The EVS volunteers will stay for ten to twelve months in the period from 01/09/2016 – 31/12/2017. The volunteers will be coming from our twelve international partner organisations in: Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Portugal and Romania.During the EVS placement the volunteer will gain more insight regarding the current labour market, labour ethos, working styles, norms and values, etc. while doing EVS tasks in various of organisations in and around Ommen. The volunteer learns how the Dutch labour market is and its working styles. The volunteer will gain more professional and personal competences. The volunteer works alongside Dutch persons and will be a lot in contact with the local community of Ommen. During this project the youngsters will gain skills, competences and knowledge regarding the current labour market in Europe and how they can adapt to this situation their home countries in order to create fulfilment in their life after the EVS placement.We promote the EVS project as a personal EVS project in which the volunteer is the active actor in shaping the EVS according to his learning goals. The method we use is learning by doing and the activities and organisations where they can gain new skills and competences are of a wide variety. The objectives of YES EVS are:• To give an EVS experience for ten to twelve months for 18 long-term unemployed NEET-youngsters;• To increase youngsters personal and professional growth and inclusion in society;• To enlarge internationalisation in the surrounding of Ommen through volunteering;• To create a video documentary on ‘how to include fewer opportunity youngsters in your organisation’;• To create 10 video testimonials from work places on how EVS in their organsation contributes to the growth of volunteers.The expected outcomes of YES EVS is one documentary of 20 minutes which describe on how fewer opportunity youngsters can be placed in any organisations according through our method and how we deal with a large group of volunteers. The other products are testimonials from the external working places in which the volunteers do their EVS, they describe on how an EVS volunteer is included in their organisation and how a volunteer goes through the process from arriving to finalizing his EVS placement.The expected impact is to open up the community of Ommen and surroundings, to include the 18 volunteers in society again and to educate other organisations on how they can include fewer opportunity youngsters.



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